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Spice Up Your Workout

It is so easy to get caught up in the same routine. This applies to all aspects of life but today specifically this is intended for your workout. I’ll be sharing some tips about different forms of cardio, booty building, and some diet tips that can help you with your fitness goals and journey. I am not a licensed health professional.

Spice Up Your Cardio

There are so many different forms of cardio you can do when things start getting easy. Some of my favorite options are fasted cardio and group fitness classes like Zumba or spin class, but there are so many more.

Fasted cardio is cardio that is done during a fasting session. I usually do fasted cardio as soon as I wake up and go to the gym. This has the body burn fat as it’s energy source since you have no food in your stomach. I pair fasted cardio with an “easier” treadmill routine known as the 12-3-30. The 12-3-30 is a treadmill routine created by YouTuber Lauren Giraldo and it stands for 12 incline, 3 speed, and 30 minutes. The routine works perfectly for fasted cardio in my opinion if you hate running like I do, have pain while running, or you are not a morning person. This workout always wakes me up in the morning and keeps me drenched in sweat. 

 HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training and it is a combination of brief, very-high intensity bursts of cardio exercise followed by equal or longer periods of rest. For example, you would probably sprint for about 30 seconds and then it would be followed by a slow jog for about a minute. The thing I like about HIIT is that you do not have to take as much time as other cardio. About 10-15 minutes of HIIT is ideal for me before I become a walking pale zombie. 

Group fitness classes are another cardio alternative that is so much fun. There are classes like Zumba, kickboxing, spin class, etc. Classes like Zumba really helped me start my fitness journey and I am so glad. If you are someone that falls off the wagon time and time again, I suggest going to a group fitness class and having that hold you accountable. Classes like Zumba burn so many calories while you are having so much fun dancing around. Other classes such a spin class also burn so many calories and give you a sense of euphoria when you finish your ride. Spin class is one that is close to my heart because I took a spin class my spring semester of freshman year and it helped me realize that working out was so much fun. You burn so many calories, get a great butt and legs, and work your core if you’re looking to tone up. I highly recommend spin classes, but I do not recommend doing them every day due to the high intensity it might be a little overkill on your body. Kickboxing is not something I am too familiar with, but I have gone to a couple of kickboxing group fit classes and they were fun. I was drenched in sweat and almost kicked my roommate in the head but then so did she. It was a fun experience and it has a ton of benefits. Kickboxing is a full-body workout that engages every muscle group in your body, with a strong focus on your core. The rapid movements improve flexibility, balance, and coordination, and can help you build faster reflexes.

The next thing I personally want to try is jumping rope. There are so many workout videos on YouTube that show the benefits of skipping rope. It engages your core, arms, and legs. 

Booty Building

So, you want to grow your booty? If the answer was yes well, I’m here to tell you that I have been trying for the last year and I am finally getting some results. Growing your booty will take time and patience. The things that I have noticed to have really helped me are deadlifts and hip thrusts. Many girls are scared to do these exercises due to the weight and the use of heavy equipment. The thing is you do not need to use the heaviest of weight you can do the same things with dumbbells as well. Here is a link to one of my favorite videos about Deadlifts and here is one about Hip Thrusts. 

With that, you also need booty activation preparation. I usually do a donkey kick pulse and hydrant kicks with resistance bands so I can feel a slight burn before heavy lifting for deadlifts and hip thrusts. Resistance bands are one thing you should get for the gym because they open the door to so many alternative workouts. I use resistance bands every day in my warmup whatever day it is because it helps to build a tolerance to resistance and gradually moves to a different resistance band. I use them a lot for arm days because I have kinda weak arms and I really do not focus on building my arms, so it helps tone them nicely along with some other arm exercises. There is plenty of ways to use resistance bands for any workout. YouTube is filled with ways to use for any specific area of the body or fitness goal. 

Diet Tips

First thing first you need to eat. Not eating will not help you in any way. If you are looking to grow your booty or lower body in general, you need to eat protein. You need to eat fats and carbs as well, but protein is super important. Your body needs protein to keep muscle and if you are not eating protein your body will get rid of muscle the quickest. This means you need to eat for your goals and your body. 

I am no health professional, but I suggest apps like MyFitnessPal to help you create a plan for your fitness goals. You can track your calorie intake pretty easily with just a barcode. 


Kiara Rosado

Georgia Southern '21

Kiara Rosado attends Georgia Southern University and is a Public Relations major from Lawrenceville, Georgia. She loves music, movies, makeup, fashion, and food. If you cannot find her on campus check the local coffee shop or the gym. Always dressed to her best and looking for inspiration on what to write next.
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