Staying Safe this Halloween

Halloween is one of the best experiences of college, but it is important to go into it with your mental and physical health in mind. Here are some tips to preserve your health in the final stretch of the Halloween season. 

1. Get your flu shot!

If you plan on going to a party this Halloween you will be in a literal breeding ground for bacteria and the spread of the flu. The CDC recommends that you get your flu shot before the end of the month, so get on it!

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2. Designate a party buddy

It is so important to have someone aware of your whereabouts that can also support you if a stressful situation arises. Especially if you plan on going out in an area you are not familiar with, it is not a bad idea to have someone there who you trust. Be a good friend and keep an eye on those close to you. 


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3. Comfort is key

While my Cher from Clueless costume last year was one of my favorites, I wanted to rip my costume off 30 minutes into the night’s events. Comfort can still be cute, and if you are going to an event that is going to have a large attendance, then it would be beneficial to be in a costume that does not involve white tights that increase your chance of heatstroke (speaking from personal experience here). No offense Cher, you fashion icon. 


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4. Eat well and stay hydrated

While staying up until the wee hours of the night dancing with your friends is fun in the moment, your body will thank you the next day if you dine and hydrate properly leading up to the night’s events. No, I’m not just saying this for all of our over 21 readers, dancing and running around all night can be of detriment to anyone’s post-halloween well-being. 


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5. No shame in saying no

Let’s say you’re not feeling it and would rather stay home this Halloween, I say more power to you! There is nothing worse than forcing yourself into a situation that you know you won’t enjoy just for the memories or the college experience. Feel it out and trust your gut! If you find the idea of getting comfortable on the couch and streaming the Halloween masterpiece that is Hocus Pocus to be your ideal scenario, I wouldn’t hold it against you for a second. 



Have fun and stay safe this Halloween, collegiettes!