7 Grey’s Anatomy Theories That Could Possibly Happen After Episode 300.

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Grey’s Anatomy just celebrated its 300th episode milestone with a bang and of course, a few tears, and it has viewers like myself wondering, “what could possibly happen next in the series since the inevitable has already occurred?”

Warning: Spoiler Alert. Do not proceed if you haven’t watched yet.

In episode 300, Meredith wins her first Harper Avery, which is basically every surgeon’s life goal. She realizes that she is more than “ordinary” as she sees her dead mother, Elise Grey, (also a two time Harper Avery winner) smiling down at her in approval. But now that Meredith has accomplished her ultimate goal, what’s next for her and the rest of the Grey-Sloan Memorial doctors? Here, I have compiled a list of theories that could be possibly be in the cards for the rest of series and could may be satisfy all the holes that have been left unfilled.

1. Callie comes back to Seattle.

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During the episode, Sophia returns back to Seattle to live with Arizona. As soon as she walks in the house, she immediately tells Arizona that she “misses mama.” Arizona, who is now alone to raise Sophia on her own since Callie left at the end of season 12 to go to New York and Mark is dead, gets emotional as she reflects on her life before her split with Callie. She admits that too misses Callie. Could this be an opportunity for Torres to return back to Grey Sloan since her whole family is there? I mean, I still have hope in Callie’s and Arizona’s broken marriage. Maybe they can all be a family again and put all their past marital differences to rest.

2. Christina finally wins a Harper Avery

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We all know that Christina was done dirty in Season 10 when she didn’t win the Harper Avery for owning part of Grey Sloan Memorial (which is a Harper Avery hospital.) But now that she is gone to Switzerland to run Burke’s old hospital, she has a chance at being great. Plus, they still mention her a lot on the show for all her big accomplishments and published articles, but nothing about her finally winning her Harper Avery has been spoken of.

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3. Owen goes back to the military.

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Since Christina left and Hunt gave up being chief after the plane crash, his character has spiraled in so many directions. First he falls in love with Amelia, and then that fails because he realizes that she doesn’t really love him back. Then his long lost sister returns, and she also leaves him too. Now he’s in this situation with Deluca’s sister, and my best guess is that won’t work out either. The next step for Hunt is to just to re-enlist in the service where he was happy before he came back to Seattle because his character keeps hitting dead ends.

4. Alex will finally call Izzy.

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After Izzy Stevens leaves without a trace in season six after being fired from the hospital, Alex continues to gradually move on from her and finally finds love with Jo. However, Izzy still seems to come up frequently in conversations between him and Jo which makes me wonder if he really is officially over her like he says he is. He needs to just call her like Jo said so that he (and we) can get some closure from that breakup.

5. Richard finally retires.

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Richard has been working at the hospital since before Meredith and the rest of the staff were even born, and it’s getting about time he hangs up his surgical hat. Even though I would hate to see Chief leave, I feel like the end is near. Plus, managing a surgical intern program and being married to the infamous Catherine Avery is a lot to handle.

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6. Meredith falls in love with another married man… for the THIRD time.

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It seems as if Meredith can not stay away from married unintentionally which is why it wouldn’t be surprising if she falls in love with another one. After being in a love triangle with both Derek and then Riggs, Meredith’s compatibility with married men is so unavoidable. Hopefully sis can find her a man that’s not married or has a wife that he thinks is dead, but really is alive.

7. Meredith finds a cure to Alzheimer’s and saves herself and millions.

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Other than winning the Harper Avery, Meredith’s other ultimate life goal is to beat the Alzheimer’s disease that killed her mother and Richard’s wife, Adele. If she finally finds a cure to the disease, even though in real life it hasn’t happened yet, then the show can end on a brighter note since everyone believes the theory that Grey’s could possibly end with her catching the disease herself. The impossible is always possible when it comes to this show.

Who’s to say any of these theories will come true on Grey’s because the show constantly pivots in so many different directions each episode. Maybe my theories will be proven, or maybe they won’t, but hey, no one really knows where they might end up.