5 Apps For a Better Life

We all need help sometimes and if that help is on our handy-dandy little glued-to-our-hands devices, I’m sure we’d all appreciate it.This is a list of just a few of the wonderful apps out there to help us upgrade our lives:

Plant Nanny

Image Courtesy of Business Insider

We all know how important staying hydrated is. But honestly, it’s so hard! Thankfully, Plant Nanny makes staying on top of your water goal fun and easy. You choose a water goal and a plant, and as you log what you drink, your plant grows! This makes a game out of staying hydrated, because you sure don’t want your plant to die if you don’t water it.


Image Courtesy of YouAte

We all want to be more conscious about the food we eat, but sometimes counting calories and macronutrients can feel a bit restrictive. If you’re looking for an app to simply help you become more aware of what you’re putting into your body, you’ve come to the right place. With YouAte, you simply snap a picture of your meal (or write it up if you were too hungry to remember), and it asks you some quick questions like why you ate, where you ate, how it was made and how you felt afterwards. It’s great to check up on the deeper motives for eating instead of just counting numbers and focusing on calories.


Image Courtesy of USA Today

College is stressful and we all need something to help us wind down. The Calm app is perfect for this as it provides daily 10 minute meditations based on mindfulness and breathing practices. Users can also choose peaceful background noises based from a number of different environments including the beach, a mountain lake and a light wind on the plains. An additional feature is the sleep stories to lull you to your dreams, some narrated by Bob Ross!


Image Courtesy of Dave Ramsey

Built by finance guru Dave Ramsey, this app will finally help you get in charge of your money. EveryDollar makes sure every penny of your money is assigned to a category, and it is really easy to tweak if you have a more unpredictable income. You’re able to track your transactions and the app will give you a gentle reminder to stick to the budget you’ve planned.

Couch to 5K

Image Courtesy of Active Network

If you’ve always wanted to run, but have never known the right way to start, this app is perfect for you. The virtual coaches walk you through the 9 week program to get you to become a bonafide runner. It uses a technique called fartlek training in which you differ between jogging and walking to increase stamina. It’s perfect for those trying to get back into the game.

Life is hard enough, collegiettes. Get to the App Store and make it easier.