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The Ultimate Spring Break Survival Kit 2015

It might be hard to believe with snow still frozen to ground, but spring break will be here in less than a week. For those of you lucky enough to book a trip out of NoVA and into warmer climate, it is time to start thinking about your packing list. Luckily, Her Campus Nationals is two steps ahead of us collegiettes and sent over a kit to fulfill our spring break survival needs. Below you’ll see all the cool products we received from our sponsors with descriptions about why we loved each item. Keep your eye out on our Facebook and Twitter page for future giveaways to possibly score some of these freebies.


Her Campus Sunglasses: If you’re heading to the sunshine state, there’s no way to survive without some stellar sunglasses. We love the cute wayfarer design and the hot pink sides that show off our HC love. Purchase them from the HC store here.

Luna Bar Minis: These Luna Bars are packed full of nutrients and completely scrumptious; plus their mini size makes them purse friendly and perfect for that post-workout snack (because we’ll all be working towards those spring break bodies until the very last minute). 

Completely Bare No Heat Wax Strips: While these pocket sized wax strips may not be pain free, they are easy to use, especially in a pinch. You simply warm up the wax in between your palms, pull apart the package like a band-aid to expose the wax, apply to the hair and pull.  If you get to the beach and find in horror that you forgot to shave your armpits or missed a spot on the back of the leg, these bad boys will keep you hair free all week long. Find them at your local drug or beauty store, like Ulta.

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak:  We love these mini purifying shampoo and conditioner bottles because it’s eco-friendly with no harsh chemicals and bio-degradable oils – a perfect detox for your hair after swimming in a chlorine filled hotel pool or salty beach. You can also find this brand at a local drug or beauty store (full size for under $6.00).  

Chipotle BOGO Card: Everyone loves a classic burrito bowl after a night of heavy drinking. With this little golden ticket you can even treat a friend in need while staying in budget. Unfortunately these bad boys aren’t for sale anywhere.

Sabre Pepper Spray Key Ring: Even though you might be on vacation, you still need to be on guard and protect yourself from potential threatening situations. With a key ring attachment, you’ll have some peace of mind everywhere you go. This particular Sabre product has a 10 foot range and a quick release if you need it while your keys are still in the ignition. Plus it’s pink, which is adorable, and now that we have one we can’t image going anywhere without it. Find it here

A Good Read: Sometimes a girl needs to escape from her textbooks and slip into a book that brings her into a different world. These quick reads are fun and totally relatable, great for a long car ride or quick flight. The Intern’s Handbook, by Shane Kuhn, is a fictional thriller about an assassin protecting the rights of the unpaid intern in crooked companies. Dirty Rush, by Taylor Bell, is a comedic tell-all looking into Greek life. It was also written by a collaboration of writers from the hit site Total Frat Move. 

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