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Book Review: Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell

Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell is a fun, quick, and highly entertaining read. It tells of booze and boys and drama and drugs. It's reality TV that you don't...

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Book Review: Dirty Rush

Remember Rebecca Martinson? You might know her better as the “Deranged Sorority Girl.” The one who wrote a very colorful email to her ex-...

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Book Review: Dirty Rush

As a sorority girl, Her Campus Ship's PR director, Laura O'Donnell was the perfect person to review Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell. Here are her...

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Her Campus Guide to Surviving Spring Break

Hobart and William Smith Colleges is officially on Spring Break, and almost everyone is jetted off to their favorite vacation spot, nestled at home, or surviving break on campus...

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Spring Survival Kit

It may not seem like it now, but finals will be over with soon, and then we can all breathe a little more freely! Her Campus UCD has a...