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Things I Wish I Brought to College…and Things I Didn’t

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It’s that time of the year again, move-out season, or better known as the frantic 6 hours where you shove everything into boxes with no regard for your personal items. This has made me realize what I don’t need to bring next semester and things I wish I actually had brought.

Bring it!

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1. Cold medication

If you want to know how most of my bonus bucks were spent, it was me walking in to One-Stop at awful hours of the night just for Nyquil or some cough drops. We should all just accept that you’re going to get sick at least once a school year (because college is a lifesize petri dish), and if you’re one of the lucky ones who doesn’t get sick, give it to a friend in need (like me).

2. Sewing kits

One of the biggest shocks in college for me was how rough the washer machines are with my clothes, I found so many of my t-shirts with holes in them and it left me heartbroken. Make sure to bring a needle and thread because these industrial washer machines will do you dirty

3. A good umbrella

When I came to college I brought my tiny extra umbrella I’d store in the trunk of my car during high school. It’s at least 5 years old and immediately, it’s seen better days. Sadly, in college you still have to walk to class even when it’s raining so an umbrella is an essential but make sure it’s big enough to actually keep you dry.

4. More snacks

Not once during college did I think “I have too many snacks”. Admittedly, this tip may encourage the Sophomore/Junior/Senior 15 but let be real, a bag of cheetos always sounds good.

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Leave it!

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1. So many T-shirts

The amount of T-shirts I came into college with doubled by the end of the year. I swear my T-shirt drawer is overflowing. Bring maybe one T- shirt to sleep in but trust me, you’ll get plenty more.

2. Books for leisure

Plain and simple: you won’t have time and you won’t have room in your dorm. If you do have time, let me know what classes you’re taking.

3. Cups/Plates/Bowls

At one point in my life, I was confident I would be motivated to dishes in college, now I realize I’m not. Disposable is the way to go, trust me..unless you want a sink full of dishes in your bedroom.

Learn from my mistakes, collegeittes and make next move out and next year’s move-in a breeze for your own sake.

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