4 Ways to Ensure an Easy Move Out

Spring has (sort of) moved into Fairfax with a few sunny days here and there. We have less than 7 weeks until the end of the spring semester. This is the time to start thinking about the best way to move out of your dorm room. Here are some pointer tools that are sure to help!

Keep your boxes

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This won’t help you this year exactly, but next year it definitely will. Break down the boxes you used to move in and store them at your parent’s place. This way you won’t have to keep buying boxes to move in and move out. You can just reuse the ones you already have.

Take stuff back now

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Start taking stuff back home now! Look at your schedule and see if there’s a weekend that you can visit home to take back stuff you aren’t currently using. Or stuff that you think you won’t need to use, like winter clothes.


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There are tons of places around Fairfax that you can buy a storage room. They come in a variety of size and prices. Public Storage is a well-known storage unit company that I recommend. Another cheap company would be Storage Mart. There are other really cheap storage units though, you can search for these on Google. This way you don’t have to take all of your stuff back home just to take it back to school after just 3 months.

Pay someone

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I didn’t know about this option until an ad popped up on my Facebook page. Apparently, there are companies with the specific purpose of helping college students move in and out of their housing. Isn’t that great!? This isn’t the most cost efficient choice but if you have the money to spare I’d say go for it!

Happy moving, collegiettes!