Tips to Help You Sleep When Anxiety and Stress are Keeping You Awake

I am graduating in about a month. Therefore, I am experiencing an additional amount of anxiety and stress. This has started to affect my ability to easily fall asleep at night. Here's some tips that I’ve found to help myself and others fall asleep when the anxiety and stress are keeping us awake.

Listen to something.

  • ​Guided meditation, a podcast, ASMR, anything that you can focus on to help quiet the thoughts in your brain.
  • Additional tip for my fellow fandom people: there’s a website called that has an entire section on Movies/Series so you can fall asleep to the sounds of your Hogwarts house common room or Belle’s library.

Keep a notepad beside your bed.

  • Use it to write stuff down that’s on your mind. If you can't stop thinking about something that you need to do or something you need to remember, writing it down might help you stop focusing on not forgetting it.

Have a cool down period before bed.

  • Don’t just jump into bed and hope to fall asleep. Give yourself an hour or half hour before bed to wind down from your day. Get comfy, make a cup of tea, do something relaxing.

  • An additional tip; if you decide to drink tea before bed make sure it’s decaf or an herbal variety. I highly recommend chamomile or special blends like this one that meant to promote sleep.




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