Round Table: Best Place to Nap in Public on Campus



Picture it: it’s 3 p.m., and you’re about to crash because you stupidly signed up for three consecutive classes. But the catch is that your next class begins in only 30 minutes, and you know there isn’t enough time to go back to your dorm. You know the feeling: you need to find a public place to take a power nap. 


So, where would Her Campus at Geneseo members go to take a public nap on campus? 


Margaux Carmel

Honestly, the best place I’ve ever napped on campus was in my first semester freshman year: in the bean bag room of the union, listening to music really loudly to drown out the haters (or just innocent people talking) and using my winter jacket as a blanket. Once my mom found out that I used to frequently nap like that in public she bought me a sleep mask and earplugs for Christmas. The catch? I’ve never slept in the bean bag room since.


Nicole Callahan

I cannot be vulnerable in that way around people. Sometimes I will accidentally doze off on the couch in the basement of the library, but if I notice I snap out of it. 


Rebecca Williamson

I’ve never sought out places to take a nap. I’m not a person who willingly takes a nap, unless it is a very brief cat nap for no more than 15 minutes. Even I know that almost everyone needs to take a cat nap at some point. On campus, the best places for these kinds of naps are in class. I’ve accidentally fallen asleep, but after five minutes I’m usually right awake and ready to focus. Other than that, I would feel comfortable napping on the second floor of Welles if I was really in a bind. 


Victoria Cooke

My favorite place to nap on campus is in the Mosaic room in the union. Many times I have turned off the lights, crawled into one of the absolutely giant bean bags in the corner where no one can see me, cover myself with a blanket and pass the heck out. It’s honestly ideal.