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How to Spend your Alone Time: A Guide to Enjoying your Own Company

Being alone does not mean you have to fall into the trap of feeling lonely. It is important to spend quality time with yourself in order to learn how to enjoy your own company and to be able to combat the fear of being alone. Here are some things to do by yourself that will teach you how to do just that: 

Study at a cute coffee shop

A positive way to use your alone time is to catch up on schoolwork, and nothing is as motivating as a slightly overpriced coffee and a cute environment. 

Watch your favorite show/movie

What is your comfort show or movie? We all have one. One of the most comforting ways to be alone is to watch your favorite comfort show or movie. The characters you feel like you know and the plotline that brings you joy, don’t leave room for loneliness to sneak in while you are alone.

Go on a drive

There is no better feeling than getting in your car, turning on your favorite song and driving around (especially at sunset). There is something so peaceful and soothing about driving with absolutely no destination in mind and you may even feel more at peace when you do it alone. 

Have a self-care night 

Go to the gym, take a shower, do your skin care routine, light a candle, turn on your favorite show/movie or grab a good book and relax. It is important to take care of yourself and your mental health and sometimes the best way to do that is with a night devoted to you, and only you. Focus on your needs and do something to better yourself and your mood. 


Go to your TikTok likes or your Pinterest board and pick one of the fun meals or desserts you have been dying to make and do just that. Cooking and baking can be such a fun hobby and when you do it alone, you get to make what you like. It can feel so rewarding to make a meal yourself and then get to enjoy it. How good does a homemade chocolate chip cookie sound right now?

Start a journal

Journaling is a great way to stay in touch with yourself, you can go to pretty much anywhere and pick up a journal with a cute cover and start writing in it. It is important to check in with yourself and having a place to write down your thoughts and feelings or to even just talk about your day or whatever else is on your mind. Additionally, journaling is extremely beneficial for you. 

These are just a few ways you can spend your time alone. These simple things can help you enjoy your own company. It is important to prioritize your mental health, have quality time with yourself, and put your wants and needs before all else. Take the time to get to know and love yourself and pay attention to the change you see within yourself.

Hi! my name is Emma, I am a sophomore from Minnesota majoring in English for secondary education. I love to express myself and my opinions through creative writing and I also have a strong desire to make a positive impact on peoples lives which I hope can be accomplished through my writing, with that being said I could not be more excited about writing for Her Campus!
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