Killer At-Home/ No Equipment Workouts

Sometimes, going to a crowded gym isn’t for everyone and that’s okay! There’s no written rule about where you should work out, you can even do it in your dorm room or apartment! So, if you prefer the privacy of a workout but can’t afford a personal gym, here are some at-home workouts that’ll kick your butt! PLUS: No equipment required!


Alexis Ren’s 10 Minute Abs

If you want to focus on toning those abs, here is a quick and killer 10 minute ab workout for you! This workout targets all the major ab muscles and gets down deep into your core for that burn that we all love to feel. This workout video is filmed in real time, so you can do the workout along with her.

Difficulty Level: 6.5/10


15 Minute Butt Burn

This workout will really leave you sore for a few days, but that means it works. Combine this with your 10 minute abs and you’ve already done a 25 minute workout! This workout focuses on your glutes and inner thighs. All you need is a soft surface that won’t hurt your knees and you are good to go!

Difficulty Level:  7/10  


10 Minute Toned Arms

Finally! An arm workout with no equipment or push-ups! Chloe Ting walks you through a low intensity 10-minute arm workout that’ll strengthen and tone your upper arms and back. Combining this with the two workouts from above puts you at a 35 minute workout that will target every major muscle group in your body in less than an hour! So, time is no excuse not to try these!

Difficulty Level: 6/10


10 Minute Simple Yoga

If you are feeling extra sore or just out of it one day, there is nothing wrong with taking your workouts easy. Yoga is a great way to move your body without exerting a lot of force or raising your heart rate. Yoga is very personal, so this video is for beginners, but there are so many different types and ways to perform yoga on your own. Sjana takes you through a 10 minute morning yoga session to wake up your body and get your day going.

Difficulty Level: 3/10


These are just some of a few at home workouts that require no equipment. They are great when you just don’t feel like leaving home or if you’re not a fan of the gym.  You can even do these workouts outdoors, with a friend, or on your own. Take 10-45 minutes out of your day and try them out on their own or all together!