Ending the Stigma Surrounding Therapy

The amount of stress that college students go through is unreal, especially at an academically driven school like Furman. It is only natural that we as students often get overwhelmed with the combination of challenging classes and the personal stressors that come along with this transitional stage of life we’re in. The worst part is somehow, somewhere, some a**hole decided to plant a stigma surrounding therapy, which is the reason many people are afraid to get the help they need, and the ones who do can be afraid/embarrassed to talk about it! 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with those who decide to go see a therapist, counselor, nutritionist, or psychiatrist, whoever it may be. These are trained professionals who can offer objective advice or just be there to listen to whatever you’re going through. There are unlimited benefits to talking out your feelings or stressors to someone who can give you a perspective that you may not have gained any other way. Also, it’s completely confidential which may not always be the case with friends you may choose to share your struggles with. 

The best part about the counseling center at Furman is that it’s free! Literally all you have to do is call (864-294-3031) or stop by (underneath the Infirmary), and boom - appointment is made. I started going this year after getting overwhelmed with the #seniorscaries and it has helped me in all aspects of my life including my classes and relationships. Talking to someone never hurts, and it is comforting to know that you don’t have to bear any burdens alone, so I encourage you to reach out and go!