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Going to the gym can be a hassle, especially if it is your first time and you’re alone. I love to exercise, but it is hard to find motivation without having someone to push and motivate me. That is why I started looking into fitness classes on FSU’s campus and asking others for advice. But then I found out about CHAARG through my classmate Holly Vera. She was willing to answer some questions about CHAARG and help spread the word about this fun organization!

Courtesy: Holly Vera

Her Campus (HC): What is CHAARG?

Holly Vera (HV): CHAARG is a fitness organization that stands for Changing Health Attitude and Actions to Recreate Girls. CHAARG partners up with different fitness studios throughout Tallahassee and we visit a different one every Wednesday and give girls the opportunity to work out while also building friendships. Girls also choose a time that is most convenient for them and they get assigned to a small group leader who leads them one day a week with a workout. Small groups usually have between 7-10 girls! Apart from working out, we usually have a monthly social event which gives girls the opportunity to bond and meet each other. This semester we had over 200 members and we hope that the number only continues to increase!

HC: How is CHAARG different from other fitness clubs?

HV: CHAARG is actually a national organization and it’s growing nationwide! CHAARG is different from other organizations because it’s not just about fitness. We focus on creating an environment in which girls will feel welcomed and secure, and we hope that girls make the most out of it! 

HC: How did you discover CHAARG?

HV: CHAARG came to FSU not too long ago! Last year was the first year that CHAARG had actually been at FSU for both the fall and spring semesters. I first discovered it during their recruitment week! They had a table out on Landis and I first spoke to Casey, who is currently our ambassador. She told me more about CHAARG and I decided it would be a good fit (pun intended) for me. 

Courtesy: Facebook

HC: Why should someone join CHAARG?

HV: Girls should join CHAARG if they are interested in stepping out of their comfort zone, building friendships, working out, getting more involved around campus or honestly if they just want something to do! 

HC: How does CHAARG encourage their members to stay active?

HV: We encourage our members to stay active through our social events, motivating them and just, in general, doing things together. It’s important for girls to form friendships so that they are more encouraged to attend our events and workouts! 

HC: Favorite CHAARG activity?

HV: I am the treasurer and a big part of my position is planning out the social events. Therefore, my favorite activity is our formal in the spring and seeing all the girls dress up and just have fun! 

HC: How or why did you become a CHAARG executive member?

HV: I decided to become a CHAARG executive member because I knew a lot of the girls already and I really did want to be able to make a positive impact at FSU before I graduated. I knew that CHAARG could provide me with that opportunity. CHAARG has truly changed my life for the better and I could not be more thankful to be able to guide these girls! We truly fire it up! 

HC: What would you say to girls who don’t think they’re fit enough to join?

HV: Girls should join! We are a no-judgment zone, and everyone is welcomed! All fitness levels are encouraged!

HC: How can you join CHAARG?

HV: Girls can join CHAARG here after paying membership dues!

Courtesy: CHAARG

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