Okay Ladies, Now Get That Education: Refocusing and Recuperating Mid-Semester

For a lot of us collegiettes out there, this semester has been rough. With deadlines, exams and extracurricular activities all under our belts, we’ve been putting our peace of mind on the back-burner and in doing so, we’ve lost motivation to strive for those As we had our minds set on weeks ago. In the midst of stressing and spreading ourselves thin, we lose ourselves. We begin to focus on the wrong things, rather than what we originally came to college for — our degrees. This past weekend, after weeks of feeling overwhelmed, I was able to get myself together. I took the time to do small things that made me happy. I became inspired and got my priorities in order. I’ve been working ahead and staying productive and now I’m happier and less stressed overall.

Losing motivation? Get inspired!

Take it from me, staying motivated is HARD. Classes get boring. Assignments and exams become monotonous. The excitement and motivation you had in the first week of the semester are *poof* gone...

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…but they don't have to be. Simply listening to motivational and self-care podcasts, looking at your favorite boss b*tches on Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter, reading lifestyle blogs you admire or scrolling through Pinterest can give you the inspo you need to bounce back and grind harder. My personal favorite podcasts are Myleik Teele’s #MyTaughtYou and Tracy G.’s She's Beauty and the Beast. I follow a ton of self-care and productivity boards on Pinterest, which give me little boosts of motivation and confidence when I’m in a rut of idleness.

Don’t rush.

Another thing I’ve realized is that everything doesn’t have to be done right now. You see other people your age getting internships, and you want one too, but you can wait another year and build your resume in the meantime. You see other people building their brands, achieving their goals, doing so many things that you want to do too, but you may not have reached that point yet. And that’s entirely okay because you will get there, regardless of how long it takes.

Take your time. Breathe. Experience and enjoy the process of personal growth.

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What needs to be done right now? What can wait? What will ultimately help me when it comes time to apply for careers post-graduation?

These are all questions that you need to ask yourself in regards to academics and extracurricular activities. Are you trying your very hardest in your classes or are you slacking in some areas? Are you showing up, studying hard and striving for nothing but success on assignments?

Yes, extracurricular organizations are fun, but is your involvement furthering your development as a woman? Will a future employer look at your resume and think, “Wow, she spent her college years investing in her future?” Don’t forget to make time for what makes you happy, though. Try to kill two birds with one stone: productivity but make sure it’s enjoyable.

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Go harder.

The semester’s almost over ladies, but the grind never stops. Take some time to get yourself back on track. Refocus. Restart. Recuperate. Relax. You’re always your first priority.

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