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Meditation Techniques to Help During Finals

As the weather warms and the thought of summer quickly approaches, coursework can get rough and it’s easy to stress and panic. The ancient technique of meditation has helped many people find their balance and realign their thoughts to feel refreshed and prepared for work or life. Meditation is often accompanied by yoga as a series of guided stretches that can extend the length and comfort of the meditation. Meditation requires nothing but a quiet space and a focused mind, there are some mantras that people recite to help guide their meditative state but mantras are not necessary towards the experience of meditation. Some meditation tips to help reduce stress during finals include:

1. Find Relaxing Music

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Setting the mood with a soft guitar, classical tunes or even sounds of nature could help you feel more focused during meditation and aid in the relaxing effects. There are many long playlists on free resources such as YouTube that vary in length for a calming meditation.

2. Try Guided Meditation

There are many online resources that provide guided meditation audio that can help you to keep focused on positive affirmations while meditating. There are some that can work on clearing your mind, improving your focus and instilling positive thoughts.

3. Set the Scene

Meditation is putting yourself in an introspective state of focus which can help if you take steps to change your environment. My favorite way to get into a meditative state is by lighting candles or incense as well as sitting on my soft yoga mat and starting with a few stretches that help to extend the length of my meditation. Meditation can also be very relaxing outside, just find a quiet place to focus on yourself.

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College life can be chaotic and it’s hard to take moments to reflect, but the act of meditating has persisted for centuries as a way to help curve negativity and expand human capability.

Second year student at Florida State University, Creative Writing major, poetry and people is my passion.
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