Life in CHAARG With Paige Mostert

CHAARG, which stands for “Changing Health, Attitudes and Actions to Recreate Girls,” aims to help women maintain a healthy lifestyle through fitness goals and female empowerment. There are currently more than 80 chapters of passionate members who form an inclusive community to better mental and physical health. The chapter at Florida State University was founded in 2018. Her Campus conducted an interview with secretary and small group leader, Paige Mostert, here at Florida State to get to know the organization’s empowerment values.

Her Campus (HC): How does CHAARG’s mission compliment what you believe personally?

Paige Mostert (PM): One thing that I really believe in is inclusion and I think everyone should have the opportunity to be a part of whatever they want. CHAARG stood out to me because anyone could join. Even though we are a female empowerment organization, non-binary individuals or even men can join if their values align with CHAARG. 

HC: How do you believe the organization unites and empowers women?

PM: We unite girls from all backgrounds and fitness levels. We strive to help women feel comfortable at the gym and to live a healthy lifestyle. Nothing is better than having a girl gang who supports all of your goals and can be there for you.

woman running up bleacher stairs Photo by Tyler Nix from Unsplash

HC: Why did you choose to become a small group leader?

PM: I became a small group leader to help other women create friendships. My first small group leader was amazing and she really helped me feel more connected to FSU. And I met one of my really good friends through my small group.

HC: Do your goals as a small group leader surpass physical fitness?

PM: My goals as a small group leader were more than just fitness goals. I really wanted to see if I could be a good leader on a smaller scale. I have always been in some sort of leadership position since high school, but I have never been a leader of a small group. I want my small group members to be able to come to me with anything CHAARG related or not. 

HC: Does being a leader for women in the organization translate to your personal life?

PM: Yes! Being a leader in CHAARG has shown me so many new ways to be a stronger woman and has really helped me find my voice.

HC: How has CHAARG shaped your plans for the future? 

PM: I had always planned on going to law school and becoming an attorney. Obviously, this is a high-stress environment, so learning how to relieve stress is really important for my mental and physical health. CHAARG has helped me find workouts that I enjoy and has helped me develop my healthy lifestyle. These are tools I will utilize for the rest of my life.

iPhone showing instagram on a table with a plant next to it Photo by Alex Bracken from Unsplash

HC: How does CHAARG at Florida State stay in touch with other chapters around the nation?

PM: One of the best things about CHAARG is the use of “inchaarg” Instagrams! Most members of all CHAARG chapters make a CHAARG Instagram where they can highlight everything that is going on in their lives. This allows girls from all across the country to connect with one another.

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