FSU Football Players Lead Girls' Exercise Club, CHAARG, in Workout

“CHAARG on three,” the football players stated. “1-2-3 CHAARG!” The group chanted to end their hour-long workout.

On Wednesday, Mar. 13, members of CHAARG, an organization focused on promoting healthy habits for college girls, met up at the Florida State University football team’s training facility for a workout led by the players. Every Wednesday, the girls complete a workout run by a different studio or fitness company, but this week was a unique experience for the club. 

The workout began with a few warmup drills consisting of exercises such as high-knees and lunges. Then, the girls split up into six groups and completed drills around the facility, each run by a couple of the football players. Wide receiver, Caleb Ward, explained the process and his experience at the event.

“We used a lot of elements from what we call ‘the chase.’ During our version, we do lots of footwork, competition and teamwork-based drills. We got to show other people a little bit of what we endure during our off-season. The girls in CHAARG are lovely young ladies who were down to put work in. I can always respect that. It was fun watching our two teams interact, and I would love to do it again sometime,” Ward said. 

Freshman Chaargie, Lauren Owen, participated in this weekly workout and enjoyed the opportunity to “see into the life of a football player.”

“I kept saying all night that I felt like a little fly on the wall getting to see how the players messed around with one another and what types of exercises they did on a daily basis. During the workout, I felt great. The players were super encouraging and made the whole experience comfortable for us,” Owen said.

Alexis Kahn joined CHAARG this past fall and plans to forever be a part of it. This football team collaboration was just one of the many diverse workouts she participated in with the club this year. 

“My favorite part was when we got to shove and tackle pads because I got some pent up aggression out. I love getting to know the players that I see represent our school on the field. The workout made me feel empowered like I too could be a football player. Everything felt chill like we were just part of the team,” Kahn said. 

Through each of the Wednesday workouts, CHAARG members are able to form connections with others with a passion for healthy lifestyles. In addition, they are presented with the chance to learn about and perform all different forms of exercises that they may not have otherwise been exposed to. Throughout these opportunities, the girls are surrounded by peers that motivate and encourage them to be their best selves and promote both mental and physical health. Along with working out together, they attend several socials throughout the semester and form friendships with one another. 

Applications to sign up for CHAARG come out on April 1st and give you the option to join for either a semester or a full year. They will be available on chaarg.com and on the Florida State University CHAARG Facebook page. 

All photos courtesy of Haley Joiner.