Experience the Empowerment that CHAARG Can Give You

CHAARG is a community of girls encouraged to exercise and eat healthily together while supporting one another in their fitness journey. And CHAARG is at FSU right now!

FSU was accepted as a chapter in the fall of 2017, joining 50 other CHAARG communities at universities across the nation. CHAARG ambassador, Julianna Murano, took it upon herself during the fall semester to reach out to CHAARG nationals and enter FSU in the competition against other competing universities for a chance to be accepted as a chapter. The selection process began once the ambassador collected at least 150 emails showing students' support to bring CHAARG to their university. Once CHAARG reviewed the email submissions, communities interested at FSU were encouraged to post a photo on their Instagrams and hashtag the photo "#BringChaargtoFSU."

Courtesy: FSU CHAARG

You might remember seeing this photo circulating and finding its way onto your feed. If more than 100 people re-posted this photo, tagged the official CHAARG page, and included the hashtag "#BringChaargtoFSU," then it was up to CHAARG to choose the winners. After three days, the ambassador of CHAARG at FSU sent a congratulatory email to all of the 150 women who submitted emails, celebrating the girls for their accomplishment. I was fortunate enough to catch word of CHAARG through my friends at universities that had CHAARG chapters. As soon as I saw the light of the competition, I made sure to involve myself in the process.

Courtesy: Pinterest

My experience with CHAARG has given me access to a community of girls that like to live an active lifestyle and are mindful of eating healthily, a community that is encouraging, a community that is inclusive and a community that is impactful. I had friends that liked to work out sometimes but then ate poorly afterward, or saw some inspo on T.V. and wanted to get into shape but only kept at it for a week or so. As much as I love them, I wanted to have friends to workout with that enjoyed working out and getting sweaty! Pictured below is a majority of the FSU CHAARG girls inside the Union dance room with Drip Drop Fitness of Tallahassee! We pop, locked and dropped it for an hour while dancing! The energy was so uplifting and I think that’s what kept our endurance high until the end.

Another cool thing about CHAARG is that each executive leader has a small group that meets once a week for an hour to workout or have socials! Usually, my small group meets at the Health and Wellness center gym, but this week, we played sand volleyball! I’m not very good at volleyball, but it was fun nonetheless. CHAARG isn’t about bringing negativity or judgment into space. Our activities are for fun so there’s no need to count score.

Courtesy: Nicole Dattero

Talking to girls that are active members of CHAARG can help you determine if it’s the type of community you would like to join. Here are some ways you can reach out to college girls in CHAARG in chapters across the nation.

  1. Social Media: Search for the official CHAARG Instagram (@chaarg), FaceBook Official Page (@chaarg) and Twitter page (@chaarg). You will find a variety of pictures of chapters at different universities posting their group activities or personal journey accounts from girls in the community. To follow the journey or to be inspired by another CHAARG member, search @chaarg’s following list to find executive member’s accounts.
  2. CHAARG Platforms: Search CHAARG.com and click on the tab for the blog. There you can find topics from fitness journeys to personal stories about the balance between school and life to makeup tips and even which coffee you should start your day with.


Courtesy: FSU Chaarg

So now that CHAARG is finally here, what does that mean to you? Membership fees total $45 and can be given to the ambassador, Julianna Murano, at the first FSU CHAARG meeting. (If you think $45 is too much, it actually costs less than the total of buying Starbucks once a week during the semester.) Don’t worry, you can find out when the first meeting will be once it’s announced on the CHAARG Facebook group for FSU. If you’re as serious about joining FSU CHAARG as you are about your workout routine, then you should definitely purchase the membership packet. The membership includes recipe books for healthy snacks and meal inspirations, discount codes to shop the CHAARG apparel (which is super cute by the way) and the chance to create a community for yourself filled with girls that share your similar interest of working out and living a healthy lifestyle, physically and mentally. Becoming a member of CHAARG not only will benefit you physically but mentally as well. When you are a part of a community of girls that exercise as a way to release stress or escape their daily lives, you can find peace within each other.

I hope this has helped you further your interest in joining FSU CHAARG. Remember to follow all of the FSU CHAARG social media pages to stay up-to-date on what’s happening and what’s coming soon!