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Everything Happening in Pop Culture This Week

Phil the Groundhog might have predicted six more weeks of winter, but February news already seems to be heating up! While you were distracted by Kylie Jenner’s official baby reveal, other important things were happening that were just as big. Here are the top things you might’ve missed in the news last week:

1. Selena Gomez Talked Anxiety

Selena Gomez recently opened up in the March 2018 issue of Harper’s Bazaar about her mental health and how she has been starting 2018 healthy and positive. Gomez has spoken about her battle with depression and anxiety in the past. She says that it’s not something she believes she will ever be able to overcome, but that it’s okay. Gomez described how she wants to make sure she’s healthy and how “if that’s good, everything else will fall into place.” Being the most followed person on Instagram does have its perks as well as its downfalls and we can’t imagine having our complete lives out there for the world to see. She’s handled her anxiety and mental health with such grace, even recently going to rehab again to focus on her health, and we couldn’t be prouder!

 Courtesy: ​Tom + Lorenzo

2. Models at New York Fashion Week Took Part in the #MeToo Movement

Look out 2018, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) just got more political than ever before. Drawing inspiration from the viral #MeToo movement, the fashion industry used its platform to make a big statement while hoping for change. The models during one of Friday’s shows featured survivors of sexual abuse. Designer, Myriam Chalek, said, “If we can raise awareness about sexual misconduct, rape, and sexual harassment we are one step forward in resolving this issue that has been going on for centuries.” The models not only walked the catwalk, but some even spoke about their horrific experiences. We love this attitude of female empowerment and finally speaking up to say that sexual harassment is not okay and will not be tolerated!

 Courtesy: ​Glamour

3. Reese Witherspoon Revealed Battle with Abusive Relationship

With the rise of men being outed for sexual assault, people in Hollywood are finally starting to feel comfortable opening up about their own experiences. Reese Witherspoon recently opened up to Oprah Winfrey, her latest movie co-star, about her experience being in an abusive relationship. She noted how she had no self-esteem and was a completely different person to those around her before she finally gained the strength to leave. She said it was the “most difficult decision she ever had to make” and that she faced “psychological and verbal abuse” before leaving. We understand how hard it is to get out of a scary and unhealthy situation, and we’re so happy she decided to share this moment so that others can see there is still hope.

 Courtesy: ​Vogue

4. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet Saved Mom with Cancer

We knew we loved these two for a reason. DiCaprio and Winslet stepped in when they saw a mother with ovarian cancer with a year maximum to live in need. Having dealt with ovarian cancer in her own mother’s life, Winslet wanted to do something. She reached out to DiCaprio and together, the duo offered up three dinners with “Jack and Rose” to raise the cash and surprised the mother. We love a heartwarming story!

 Courtesy: ​Vanity Fair

5. New Emojis Announced

Emojis. We love being able to express ourselves without having to use words. Apple’s emojis have set their brand apart from others and paved the way for messaging. Now, it’s that time of year where new emojis that we have all been waiting for are being decided on! Unicode 11.0 announced 2018 will be filled with 150+ new emojis, and the big win is for redheads. The new emojis will be released later this year and the designs for each device are currently in the works. We can’t wait to finally have that much-needed pirate flag, but we’re still hoping for a giraffe one day.​

 Courtesy: Get Emoji

Malorie is a senior double majoring in Media Communications and Criminology. She loves anything pop culture, criminal profiler, animal, or food related. She lives for sarcasm and being witty.
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