The Do’s and Don’ts of Skin Care Before and After the Gym

Your muscles aren’t the only things you need to take care of while you’re at the gym. Your skin needs love too! Here’s a list of everything to do (and not to do) before, during and after your workout to ensure that your skin is just as healthy as you are.

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Don’t: Leave your makeup on while you’re exercising. You may think that it keeps you on fleek at the gym, but it’s doing more harm than good. When you begin to sweat, your pores open up letting all of the makeup and bacteria sink into your skin. Gross right? Keeping a pack of makeup removing wipes in your gym bag may be a good idea.

Do: Use sunscreen if you’re working outside. If you know anything about the Florida sun, then this is a no brainer. The sun can do A LOT of damage to your skin, so invest in a good sunscreen and continue to use it throughout your workout.


Don’t: Touch your face. When working out in the gym, try to keep your hands off of your face. The equipment in the gym isn’t the cleanest and can carry a ton of bacteria. To avoid spreading this bacteria to your face, use a clean towel to wipe your sweat.

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Don’t: Scrub your face too hard. After an intense workout you may feel like exfoliating your skin is good idea. Your body loses water when you sweat and when you over exfoliate. Dehydrated skin can lead to acne, so skip the coffee scrub and pick up a gentle cleanser.

Do: Moisturize. Moisturizing your skin will replenish all of the water you’ve lost during your killer workout. If you’re worried about your skin being too oily, go with an oil free moisturizer. But don’t stop at your face. It’s good to moisturize your entire body!