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Becoming an Early Bird: Tips From a Night Owl Trying To Change

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Don’t come for me when I say this, but I recently watched a Buzzfeed video that changed my life. Yes, they need to give their workers better benefits, but I can’t resist their clickbait titles. The video in question is “We Tried The 1 Billion Dollar Morning Routine.” I am a night owl by nature, but when I get up early and enjoy the morning, I find that I get a lot more work done during the day and tend to feel a lot less stressed. I’ve been wanting to get up earlier and get some work done in the morning, so I thought, “Why not?” and clicked play.

While this video isn’t exactly showstopping, it gave me some useful tips on how to start my morning to become a more productive person. I learned a lot, but the most important thing is that when you make your morning something to look forward to, you’ll want to wake up early. You don’t have to implement everything here into your morning routine; these are just some ideas. Make it your own! Without further ado, here are some great tips on becoming a morning person! (And no, none of them are “just go to sleep earlier!”)

Get up and Drink a Glass of Water IMMEDIATELY

This one sounds weird. It works, trust me. As soon as your alarm goes off, get out of bed. Don’t hit snooze, don’t roll over and don’t put the covers over yourself. When you hit snooze, it will be even harder to get out of bed because your internal clock will be all wonky. If you hit snooze, you will start your day on the wrong foot before you even get up. To help you get up, put a glass of water by your bed and drink it as soon as you hear your alarm. I’m not saying you have to chug it but drink the whole glass before doing anything else. You will feel so hydrated and awake once you’re done.


After chugging your water, the next thing you’re going to want to do is make your bed. I know I sound like a mom here, but making your bed will help you resist wanting to climb back into it when you’ve finished your peaceful morning or when you’re in an afternoon slump. Plus, a lovely, crisp bedspread is the best thing to climb into after a long day. You’re really just doing yourself a favor for later!

Meditation, Journaling and Manifestation

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If you only take one thing from this article, let it be this. Meditation, even for just five minutes, is so vital to the body. When you allow yourself to drop everything and focus only on the soothing words of a guided meditation, you are preemptively thanking your body for its work today. Journaling is another way to clear your head before you dive into work for the day. When you get out all your thoughts from yesterday, you have room for new ones today. Lastly, you can manifest good energy and productivity for the day when you sit down and make a to-do, to-be and to-feel list. Your to-do list is everything that needs to get done for the day. To-be lists are a bit harder. What kind of person do you want to be today? I like writing down that I would like to be a cleansed goddess. A to-feel list is how you would like to feel at the end of the day. Accomplished? Loved? It’s up to you. If you don’t have time for meditation or journaling, writing out your goals for today is a good way to get the day started. 

Start Your Morning!

After this, you’re ready to take the world by storm. Of course, get dressed and do your regular routine along with these tips, but take some time for yourself as well. You can add in things that you like as well; make this routine your own! I like to make a cup of tea when I journal, and immediately after, I make a smoothie. I’ve started to get excited about waking up now! When you put yourself first, you want to get up. I think devoting even 20 minutes to self-love every morning is worth way more than spending those extra 20 minutes in bed. Have a great morning tomorrow! 

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