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8 CrossFit Myths Debunked

The new fitness trend. Low reps with heavy weight. Pushing your body to new personal records and saying, “I lift things up and put them down.” WODs are death and competitions are your pastime. After sampling the fitness members of Red Hills CrossFit, here are eight debunked CrossFit myths. 

1. “Don’t all CrossFit workouts make you throw up?”

The answer is yes, definitely after the assault bike.

Passing out is also an option.

2. “Everyday is leg day in CrossFit.”

Only days that end in a “y.”

3. “You’ll get a manly body; women are supposed to be petite and fragile.”

Nah, I’m a boss a** bitch.

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4. “You lift weights? Oh my gosh! You’re going to hurt yourself.”

Nope, that’s what the coaches are for, but if pushed too far the extreme is experiencing some rhabdo.

5. “You must get some nice calluses.”

It is true that your hands will look and feel gross.

6. “The body is incapable of doing all these movements and weight reps.”

That is false. Just keep pushing.

7. “CrossFit never gets easier, you only get better.”

Well, at some point you give up trying to get better and settle for something easier when the coaches turn their backs.

8. “It’s a cult.”

We enjoy our CrossFit fam, so eff off.

Courtesy: Pinterest


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