4 Places to Work out That Aren't the Gym

Working out is one of those things you either love or hate. If you’re feeling negative about it, odds are you’re not working out in the best way for you. A common misconception about exercising is that it must be done in a gym with weights but newsflash, it’s totally up to you to decide how to get active! The Leach and the Health & Wellness Center are great resources on campus that are free to students, but if they’re not your style or they seem too packed, try one of these workout alternatives:

1. Workout outdoors

Nothing beats getting in a good workout in the fresh air. Here in Tallahassee, we have a plethora of beautiful parks to go to and get our daily exercise in. Try visiting Cascades Park, Lafayette Park, or Lake Ella for your next workout. You can walk, jog or run laps, do dips or push-ups on the benches, or do squats up and down the hills. The possibilities are endless when it comes to working out at a park so grab a friend, get a good workout in and enjoy the outdoors!

2. Stadium workout


Courtesy: Fitt

People often forget that our stadium can be used for more than cheering on our football team (and subsequently crying after their loss). If you’re feeling adventurous and are in the mood to make your muscles cry, try working out in the bleachers! Walking or running up and down the stairs is a great way to get your daily cardio in. Also, try doing lunges up and down the stands to get that booty in tip-top shape. If you want to take it up a notch, bring five or ten pound weights and do weighted lunges. This workout is a great way to enjoy the views of Doak without having to stand through an inevitably disappointing football game and get in shape!

3. Yoga/Dance Classes

Hear me out, taking an occasional dance or yoga class is so much fun even if you’re not usually a dancer or yogi! Dance and yoga are unique in the sense that they are inviting to all types of people regardless of their level of expertise. Everyone had to start somewhere so don’t be embarrassed to take an occasional beginner class and trade in a weight room for a dance or yoga studio. This is also a great way to meet cool people with similar interests that will help you stay motivated. If you’re looking for a nearby dance studio check out Dance Fusion Tallahassee, where they offer $10 classes. If you’re looking for a cool yoga studio, check out Journeys in Yoga.

4. Swimming

The transition from summer to fall can be brutal, and the sun seems to get more intense with each walk to class. Having withdrawals from the hours of pool and beach time is totally relatable, especially in the first few weeks of the semester. Try doing a few laps in your apartment complex’s pool or even at the Leach to exercise in a cool way (literally), while still clinging to the last days of the summer season.