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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Framingham chapter.

Being positive can sometimes be a hard thing to do if your mind is focused on an overwhelming amount of work to do, looking at a long to do list, and all the other responsibilities in your life. Those types of things put pressure on us to get it all done and when you think about it too much it can lead to a negative attitude. Getting out of that mindset and into a more optimistic state of mind can be a difficult barrier. To get past it, one thing that can help is meditation. I’ve tried it and I’ll tell about my experience with it. 

My interest with the practice of meditation started when I was looking for a more holistic approach to dealing with anxiety. For someone who always had a constant list of things I have to get done and always thinking about everything 10 times over, it took up too much energy, both mentally and physically. I knew I had to do something, because having that burn out feeling every week was bringing me down.

What I was told to do by a counselor was to focus on one thing at a time. Sounds simple right? If only it could just happen so easily. When I tried guided meditation, focusing on just one thing became easier for me. Meditation became my saving grace. When I needed to shut the world out and just bring everything in my life back to balance, I would grab my yoga mat and put my headphones in. Taking a few minutes out of my day wasn’t that hard. It actually felt good to basically press the “reset button” and relax. If you haven’t tried it before I suggest giving a try! 

Here is a how-to/guide to meditation from my perspective. This is easy for beginners, because personally that is where I’m at myself. Take a break from your day and meditate, it will help you center your focus and relax your mind! I have also found that it helps with being more productive too.

Meditation How-to/Guide 

Step 1: Find a quiet environment and a comfortable place to sit 

* Sit on a yoga mat on the floor, a couch, or your bed 

* It helps to stretch and loosen up before starting meditation 

* Turn off notifications with sound on your phone, tablet, or laptop 



Step 2: Light a scented candle or use an essential oil diffuser 

* Lavender, sage, and eucalyptus are good scents/oils 

* Aromatherapy really helps your body relax 

* Be cautious with the amount of oil you use, don’t over do it! 


Step 3: Open a meditation app or play a video on your phone for guided meditation 

* “Calm” is my favorite app for short guided meditation 

* There are also videos on YouTube 

* If you want to just do it on your own there is meditation background music 


Step 4: Sit there for a little while when the session is done 

* Think about how you feel after the session and what it did for you 

* Notice the changes: Do you feel more relaxed, relieved, or peaceful? 

* This helps you to be able make adjustments if needed (Sometimes you might learn that you need a longer session to fully feel the effects) 


Step 5: End with 3 positive affirmations about yourself 

* It helps to remind yourself of what you love about yourself 

* Doing this is good for your self-image and grows confidence 

* When you know your strengths, be assertive and use them in the best way


Rachel Davis

Framingham '19

Hi I'm Rachel, a senior at Framingham State University. My major is Communication Arts and I have a minor in Marketing. I am currently seeking to develop a career in the advertising and social media marketing industry. I love going on Pinterest, practicing mindfulness, eating good food, hanging out with friends, doing outdoor activities, going on road trips, traveling to new places, and taking beautiful photos!