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I am not a weight expert. I am just a regular college student, striving to be healthy. One of my biggest struggles has been (and still is) trying to lose weight. So, I did a little bit of research, tested out some things myself, and want to share some of the helpful tips here to all the women who want to lose weigh. Try them out, and see if it works for you! 



 There is a key difference between dieting and restricting.  DIETING involves eliminating foods from your daily meals.  RESTRICTING involves eating less.  I mean sure, you can diet and have fast results.  But in the long term?  It doesn’t work at all.  I mean, can you live without ever eating chocolate again?  I know I wouldn’t! 

Dieting also has a correlation with stress, which is the last thing you need.  Stress causes cortisol which is bad for your body.  For more information on this, look up the correlation between stress and diet.  If you are curious, here is a link:   



2. Try Intermittent Fasting 

Intermittent fasting is fasting for a period of time.  You do it every day without knowing it:  Eating dinner, then sleeping for 12 hours a day, and then waking up to breakfast time.  But the key to intermittent fasting is to go beyond 12 hours.  Some of the most common ones are the 16:8 rule, the 5:2 rule, and the Warrior Diet.  For more information, here is a little glimpse into that: 



3. Don’t forget exercise! 

I know what you’re thinking:  exercise?  You mean those long hours of cardio and such?  No!  Remember what I said about cortisol?  Well, strenuous exercise can also cause it.  Exercise doesn’t have to be long like a hard workout, it can be light too. Go for a walk for 5 minutes.  Hula hoop for 10 minutes. The key is getting your heart rate up, that’s what matters. Which brings me to my next tip… 


4. Join a program you LIKE! 

I cannot stress enough for this. It is essential to join a program that is right for you and your liking.  Why?  Because losing weight is a lifestyle.  It isn’t something you wake up one day, decide to do this, and a couple days later expect you to look thinner.  It is a gradual process.  If you like dancing, go join a dancing program for weight loss.  There is a great one called Figure 8.  Or, if you’re like me and cannot take hard core, come join Yogaburn!  It only takes like 15 minutes each day, alternatively.  It’s enjoyable, fun, and doable! 


5. Exercise on an empty stomach 

Studies have shown that exercising on an empty stomach helps you lose weight.  Why?  Because at that time after you wake up, you have an empty stomach.  And when you have an empty stomach, your body turns to fat to have as fuel. It doesn’t have to be strenuous.  Even 10-15 minutes of hula hooping or yoga works.  Remember, just keep the heart rate up! 






Anni Xie

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My name is Anni Xie and I am a Management Major and an English Minor. I study in Framingham State University, and one of my biggest dreams is to write and publish a book.