5 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Body

Physical health goes beyond diet and exercise. But don’t stress about adding a bunch of things to your daily routine; it can be easy no matter how busy you are!


  • Listen to your body.

If you’re feeling tired, don’t force yourself to watch another YouTube video! Listen to your tired body and go to sleep. If you’re full don’t open a bag of chips out of boredom. If you have to go to the bathroom, don’t hold it in just because. If you’re in pain, go seek medical attention.

  • Be aware of sleep cycles

Obviously getting 8 hours of sleep is better than 4 hours. But do you consider how many sleep cycles you have? With the help of apps and websites, you can input when you want to wake up and it will offer you different time you should fall asleep by. So when your alarm goes off you can wake up during your lightest sleep cycle and feel more refreshed and less drowsy then if you were to wake up during a heavier sleep cycle.

  • Drink water.

I know, this tip can be mentioned way too much but, really, it’s worth it. Not only are you feeling hydrated but think of it as you can replace less healthy drinks like soda or sugary drinks with a glass of water.

  • Take a small amount of time in the day to do something for you

It doesn't matter how small it is. Take a few minutes to do something that you enjoy. Listen to your favorite song, meditate, scroll through instagram, take a walk, anything.

  • Eat something good for you

Eat a piece of fruit with lunch. Swap a glass of soda for a glass of juice. You don’t have to change your whole diet; you can just make sure there’s balance in what you eat.

Remember to do what's best for you and take care of yourself!