Writer Spotlight: Rachele Lena

In continuing our celebration of some of our most amazing & dedicated writers, we have our second contender for the Her Campus Fordham Writer Spotlight Series initiative: Rachele Lena.

Rachele Lena is a Junior at Fordham Rose Hill & is a double major in Sociology & Philosophy. Rachele joined Her Campus Fordham as a Sophomore, but has been reading articles looking for dorm inspiration & college advice long before she even stepped foot on campus. Rachele currently serves as the Assistant Campaign Director for the Fordham chapter — she loves being able to connect women with products & brands that can make their lives easier, whether in a small or significant way. 

Finding things to write about was a bit hard for her at first as she had no prior experience with writing for a publication, but she eventually found her niche in advice articles & the occasional political update. Her favorite article to date has been her piece entitled "Strong Women on Campus." Rachele says, "being able to interview & shed light on some amazing & powerful women that I know on campus really made me feel like I was able to encourage others to continue to believe in themselves, no matter what."

"Finding Her Campus really was a defining moment in my college career. Being able to have my writing published for other strong women to read really made a difference in my life, & I have Her Campus at Fordham to thank for that. I know that reading Fordham's articles on the website before I moved in made me feel a lot more comfortable with the culture on campus, & I really felt like I knew what to expect; that is exactly what I am trying to do for other girls." 

Rachele hopes to continue her education after graduating from Fordham by attending law school in New York & eventually, she hopes to practice humanitarian or immigration law & aid those who are trying to make a better life for themselves.

Check out all of the articles Rachele has written for us in the past here, & be sure to give some of her most recent pieces from this semester a read:

Keep an eye out for Rachele's future work &, if you'd like, keep up with her on social media!