Strong Women on Campus

For Women’s History Month, I decided to search Fordham for strong women that are leading by example in our very own community. These women are passionate, kind, intelligent, powerful, dedicated, and they embrace their individuality. Women’s History Month is about celebrating and empowering women around the world, and at Fordham these women are making sure that they make history. What follows is a compilation of the amazing and insightful interviews that I conducted with some of the many women on Fordham’s campus that are taking control of their own lives in a way that matters to them. 

Grace Mei

Class of 2020

Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Management and a secondary concentration in Sports Business, Minor: Business Law and Ethics

Hobbies: Cooking, playing guitar, exploring nature, forestry

Would you consider yourself to be a strong woman? Why? "Yes, I excel in all aspects of life: academically, I’m doing great, sports-wise, I'm doing great friend-wise - I’m doing great." Grace encourages women to succeed and leads by example. She proudly proclaims herself as the "dad-friend." She is planning on going to law school and currently serves as a freshman advising mentor. 

Alexa Tomas

Class of 2020

Major: Economics, Minor: Mandarin

Hobbies: Cooking, video games, sports, running, sewing

Would you consider yourself a strong woman? Why? "Yes, I have high aspirations for myself." Alexa spends her time playing rugby and volunteering. She also plans on pursuing a graduate degree.

Megan Shaffner

Class of 2020

Major: English, Minor: Marketing

Hobbies: Field hockey, reading, baking, doing hair

Would you consider yourself a strong woman? "Yes, I installed a club on campus that works to help women through sports and healthy living." Megan also has a very successful internship in the city with a literary agency and tutors in her spare time. 

Sarah Cassidy

Class of 2021

Major: Psychology, Minor: English

Hobbies: Music, Broadway, global outreach

How would you define being a strong woman? "I would define a strong woman as a person who sticks to their values and who stands up for what they believe in."

Using that definition, why do you consider yourself a strong woman? "I think I am very involved in the things I am passionate about. For example, sustainability. Even though my vision of sustainability isn’t in line with Fordham’s, I am still fighting for renewable energy and for better care of the environment."

Anastasia McGrath

Class of 2021

Major: International Political Economy

Hobbies: Reading, rock climbing, hiking, Outdoors Club, watching TV 

How would you define a strong woman? "Someone who is a really hard worker, very dedicated, will go the extra mile to finish projects. A dedicated and passionate person."

Would you consider yourself a strong woman? "Yes, I do. I work two jobs in addition to normal schooling so in that regard, I think I am a strong woman."

Maeve Connor

Class of 2020

Major: Film and International Political Economy

Hobbies: Running, playing basketball, watching movies

How would you define a strong woman? "I would define a strong woman as someone who empowers other women, while also empowering herself."

Would you consider yourself a strong woman? "I do. I don’t think I place any limits on myself and I think that is a good way to go about everything."

Dominique Marino

Class of 2020

Major: Philosophy and Political Science

Hobbies: Yoga, piano, singing, hiking

How would you define a strong woman? "A strong woman is someone who knows herself and knows her strengths, weaknesses, what she wants, and knows she can get it. A strong woman capitalizes on her strengths to the fullest and is never satisfied, and in knowing her weaknesses, she recognizes the importance of dependence on others."

Would you consider yourself a strong woman? "Yes, I am a strong woman, but I can always be stronger. I am very self-aware. I know what I want and I recognize my deficiencies and I constantly seek improvement. I am very comfortable doing things alone but recognize that I can never fully attain all that I want to accomplish without learning from and depending on other strong women and men around me."

Mary Sparago

Class of 2021

Major: Anthropology

Hobbies: Drag racing, creative writing, cooking, rugby

How would you define a strong woman? "A strong woman is someone that is independent."

Would you consider yourself a strong woman? "Yes, because I understand what I believe in and I think and act independently."

See how easy it is to find a source of inspiration? Just take a look at all of the strong, independent women we have on campus!