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Tips and Tricks for Midterm Week Sanity

Midterms week this semester is strange and unprecedented. The weather is nice, and spring has finally sprung, but we’re all stuck inside staring dead-eyed into our computer screens while yet another professor is explaining the three-hour exam they want us to take. Our eyes are tired, our backs hurt, our allergies are coming out, and the only spring break we’ve gotten is a Wednesday off (and let’s be real, they know we don’t have classes on Wednesday anyway). We have to take these tests though, so here’s how to stay sane during midterms this semester. 

  1. Go outside: Whether your on-campus or you decided to stay home for the semester, take some time to sit outside and get some Vitamin D. Even if you don’t have free time, take your work outside and do it in the sunshine. You won’t regret it unless you forget sunscreen. 

  2. Take some time away from your screens: While I know how tempting it is to sit on Instagram or TikTok when you finally have a break from class or studying, your eyes could really use a break. Try taking a walk, going to the Botans, making a homecooked meal, hanging out with your pets, or having a socially distanced hangout with your friends. 

  3. Email your professors: Let them know that you are enjoying their class so far, and ask them to clarify the format/grading of their midterm exam. They will love the compliment, and you’ll finally get a chance to get the midterm format in writing instead of just a passing comment made at the end of a Zoom lecture. 

  4.  Eat a good meal: Staying nourished will give you the energy that you need to finish those long exams you’re buried under. Even better, release some stress while you cook yourself a good homemade meal. Make sure that you are eating enough food and drinking plenty of water!


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