Thoughts Every Runner Has On A Long Run

Distance runs have proven to be a great way to clear your mind.  Whether it’s for 30 minutes or over an hour long, it’s the perfect time to be alone with your thoughts.  It’s just you versus you.  In fact, there are several mental health benefits of running.  Distance runs are a great way to relieve any stress or aggression, and can help improve your overall attitude.

As a runner myself, a lot of times while on a long run I find myself thinking about the most random things.  Or sometimes I’ll even catch myself not thinking about anything at all; rather I’m completely zoned out in my own world. 

Just the other day I was on another one of my runs and had a million thoughts enter through my head.  So I thought I’d share some of the most relatable ones with you:


What a beautiful day for a run!

I don’t know how I would do this without my music.

Let’s try to remain at this pace, nice and steady.


And whatever you do, don’t fall…


So glad I can map my run with this cool new app I recently downloaded, for free too!


Ugh I hate holding my phone, but I need to change the song.


If only I drank more water beforehand my mouth wouldn’t be this dry.


Do I make eye contact with the people that are about to pass me?


Well they didn’t look so I guess it’s okay.  Awkward.


Hope I wasn’t breathing too loud.


Only a mile?  Is this app working right???


Brace yourself for the hills; don’t use up too much energy now.

And remember, with every uphill comes a downhill.


Wow I really need some new songs.


Bikers irritate me.


I wish I had longer legs.


*Long silence*


…Wait what just happened?  Was I really just thinking about nothing?


I see runners up ahead, hello my fellow runners!


Always love getting a friendly smile and wave from them.


They look so happy…are they really that happy?


They’re going pretty fast, maybe I should pick up the pace. *Turns up the music*

I am on fire today.


No walk breaks allowed.  I can do this.


DOGGIE!  You are so cute.  I will finish this run just for you.


Halfway there!


What will I eat when I get home?


I can’t wait to drink some water.


Slow walkers up ahead…how should I come about this?


Maybe if I pound my feet louder against the ground they’ll notice me.


Or not - excuse me sorry - not sorry.


I can’t stop thinking about food.


Okay now look’s like a good time to cross the street. 


Don’t mind me…please don’t hit me speeding car…


Thanks for stopping, I’m smiling right now but you probably can’t tell. *Waves*


I wonder what I look like when I run.


5 more minutes.  Make them worth it.


Just think about how amazing you’ll feel once you’re finished.

...Or how sore. Don’t forget to stretch.


And all the delicious food you can eat.  You earned it.


I feel a difference already.


Maybe I should sign up for a 5k.


30 seconds left.  Push through.


At last, home sweet home.


When can I run again?