Your Guide To Avoiding Finals Burnout

Your Guide To Avoiding Finals Burnout

1. Stop Waiting

Stop procrastinating your assignments, even if they might be a week away. One of the most crucial tips to avoid feeling burnt out during finals season is to get ahead. Have an easy assignment due two weeks from now, but you have some spare time on your hands? Go ahead and finish it. Or maybe it's a paper that seems like a giant hurdle? Draft your outline today and start it in a day or two, writing only one page a day. The trick is to do a little here and there because, ultimately, when you do a adds up to a lot!

2. Draft A To-Do List

To-do lists aren't for everyone, granted. But even if you've never been the type of person to pencil in your tasks, they can seriously come in handy during the busyness of finals season. It doesn't have to be color-coordinated or align with every minute of the day! It doesn't even have to make sense to anyone but you. The key is to be consistent with your efforts and use the list to remind yourself of upcoming events. I usually like to schedule my things by importance, but feel free to put your own spin on it!

3. Plan In Some You-Time

To avoid the overwhelming stress of too many things at once, invest some time in your planning to unwind. After you finish a particularly grueling study session or you ace a practice quiz, reward yourself! Whether that means going out to eat with your friends or doing a face mask with some wine, remind yourself that you got this and that the finish line is right there. Don't lose focus on what's significant by being lazy, but definitely don't give up halfway through because you're not treating yourself!

4. Do Your Best

This is the golden rule of all genuine life advice. The truth is that if you do your part, meaning you work hard and study as much as you can, then you'll unarguably be happy with whatever score or grade you end up with. This is because, like with all other things in life, once you've done your best, you'll know there's nothing else you could've done. Once you accept this reality and refocus your energy on trying instead of stressing, then you'll be unstoppable.

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