What You Should be putting in your Gym Bag

You don’t need to be the biggest gym person to know that what you carry in your gym bag is essentially as important as getting up and going to the gym. There are quite a few products out in the market to fulfill all your gym needs. The task is finding out which products are useful and won’t just take up space in the deep hollows of your bag. The products mentioned below are ones that won’t be unloved.

  1. 1. Gym Towel

    This seems like an obvious one but it’s a product that many people seem to look over. It’s important to pack a gym towel to use at the end of your sweat sesh or to wipe down equipment before each use. Many other individuals in the gym may forget to bring their gym towel or leave a puddle of sweat on the equipment. It helps to remain as sanitized as possible and to avoid sliding off equipment. If you want to take it up a notch, I recommend microfiber towels to give you the softest experience possible.


  2. 2. Resistance Bands

    Resistance bands are your best friend when it comes to warming up the muscle groups that you’re going to be training at the gym that day. These bands also help with improving flexibility and mobility. Resistance bands are loved by many because of their results, affordability, and how packing friendly the product is. Resistance Bands come in various colors and styles to best fit you.


  3. 3. Makeup Wipes

    Face wipes are a product that you will go through like water when it comes to the gym. Many people like to go to the gym directly from work or school so this is a perfect way to remove makeup and oil accumulated throughout the day. Makeup wipes are also helpful in removing any oil and dirt post-workout. By wiping your face immediately after, this can lessen the chance of any breakouts and will hold over until you can thoroughly cleanse your skin.  


  4. 4. Invisibobble Hair Ties

    To my fellow girls, I recommend always carry extra hair ties because you never know when you might need one. When it comes to the gym the same rule applies. Instead of recommending a regular black hair tie I’m urging you to check out the Invisibobble hair ties. This does everything a regular hair tie would without breaking your hair! It’s important to have something that keeps your hair out of your face when working out while not damaging it at the same time.