Losing Weight without Exercising

Living in Miami, where it is always sunny, humid, and like closely resembling an episode of Phineas and Ferbs (infinate summer), it's a constant expectation to have that sculpted body ready for the mid-December beach gatherings. People living in Florida, in general, have to always be summer-ready.

Everyone wants to get that fit body without the need to work out. There's YouTube videos, life-hacks, and a plethora of different diets that swear the results are impeccable. There are even celebrities that swear by the products they advertise via Instagram. Their's companies such as Herbal Life that sell you a whole diet plan. Telling the consumer that with it you won't need to worry about gaining any weight, as long as you pay the hefty amount and follow the rules.

Losing weight is a struggle.  Counting calories is not the best move, skipping meals is a big 'no, no' and doing a diet like Keto is unrealistic.  One ends up doing all of that but then as soon as you get to that goal weight you have to push yourself to continue the diet otherwise hello weight gain.

After the whole expose on Skinny tea Co. and waist trainers people are at it again. Except this time, people are doing juice cleanses. 

This one specific juice cleanse is composed of parsley, shredded ginger,  one teaspoon of aloe vera juice, one cup of water, two whole lemons, and one cucumber.  Each product is said to help with weight loss because they help flush out any toxins, improve your immune system, they're anti-inflammatory, they reduce cholesterol levels, and are natural appetite suppressors.

The goal is to drink this before going to sleep or right before having breakfast to help burn belly fat. For better results, it is recommended to drink this continuously throughout the week for a month or so.  It is also suggested to intake small portions of food, not eating a lot of fast foods, working out (although some don't and have seen results), and staying away from sugary drinks like soda while doing this cleanse. Otherwise, it is as if you are not doing anything and will not see any result. 

This type of cleans has not received any backlash from the healthy community so far. Unlike Fit Tea's Skinny Tea and their lollipops this cleanse is made with all natural ingredients. Close friends and family member who are on this journey have told me that it does work.  Starbucks and a few other stores are known to sell a version of this drink, of course at a price that equals the same amount as one doing it at home. However, if you ever see it and want to try it out and check if it's for you then, by all means, try it out.