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Fun & Free At-Home Workouts You Need to Try

With the new year that is beginning, one of the most used resolutions is “to get fit”. Many people seek out their local gyms, invest in a membership, and drop the commitment after a whole two weeks. Gyms can be challenging and intimidating for many reasons, ones that may not even have anything to do with the energy it takes to complete the actual workout. 

Having been an athlete for the majority of my life, working out is such an important component of my life, for not only my physical health, by my mental health as well. That being said, the traditional gym set up is not my favorite thing in the world. I thrive off of the unity that comes with playing on sports teams or participating in workout classes. Other people’s energy, and the adrenaline rush of when you’re competing against others is one of my favorite feelings in life. So, as you can imagine, it can be a bit difficult at times for me to motivate myself to workout on my own. 

Besides all of that, I’m sure we all have days where the last thing we want to do is workout. I believe that the balance of discerning whether your body truly needs rest, or if it is a matter of discipline, is so important. Sometimes you may feel a low impact workout is all you can handle, or maybe no workout at all, and that is okay! 

There are many components that go into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, I’ve found that the key to success is you have to actually enjoy the workouts you’re doing, and ultimately make that workout a part of your daily routine! Looking forward to an enjoyable workout makes it so much easier to stay motivated, and even on those low days, I find it’s easier to motivate yourself, because you know it’s going to make you feel so much better when you start doing it. 

I have tried countless amounts of workouts but one of my absolute favorite workout companies is Les Mills. Their Dance #LIKENINA collaboration dance class with Nina Dobrev is a workout I’ve been doing since the beginning of quarantine, and it definitely has a special place in my heart. It’s something that can be done by all ages, and I can guarantee that you’ll be sweating by the end of it! Les Mills has a variety of free workout classes on their YouTube channel, from dance classes to kickboxing!

Another great workout is POPSUGAR Fitness’ Booty-, Thigh-, and Abs- Toning Workout From a Victoria’s Secret Model Trainer. It may sound intimidating, but my Mom and I have done this one several times, and we both really enjoy it. I'd say it's pretty low impact when it comes to cardio, it’s more of a barre class feel in some ways. It focuses on strengthening and toning certain muscles. 

I’m not going to lie, prior to finding Lululemon’s YouTube page, I was not the biggest fan of yoga. However, when I first tried their 45 minute Power Yoga Class with Ally Maz, it’s safe to say I’m now a fan. They have a selection of different free yoga classes on their channel, but I personally love the way Ally Maz teaches that class.

I am a Fashion Business Management Major looking to minor in English and Film and Media Studies. I am a member of the National Honor Society, as well as the National Society of Leadership and Success. I excelled as a member of the soccer team at FIT, and I am currently a member of two clubs that are coordinated by my school, HER Campus and Runway27. I am included in FIT Fall 2019's Dean's List. I have extensive experience in being the social media coordinator for an event space located in Manhattan, NY. In my spare time I enjoy reading, working out, and cooking.
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