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5 Ways To Get Out A Rut When You’re Feeling Stuck

With the combination of the world’s unpredictable circumstances, more time is being spent at home. With fewer daylight hours, life easily can feel a bit mundane. If you are finding yourself in a rut during this season, do not beat yourself up! We are in the midst of a global pandemic that has brought chaos to just about everyone, so it’s important to give yourself grace. Below are a few tips to help you reset and feel refreshed during these uncertain times.

1.  Recognize your emotions

Before anything, remind yourself that it is okay (and totally normal) to feel off this year! Take some time to sit down with yourself and recognize how you are truly feeling. Analyze which areas of your life can use improvement and get a feel for what is no longer serving you.

2. Change your habits

Your surroundings and choices truly impact your mood. Though it seems much easier to live in pajamas these days and eat pizza every night, you will definitely feel much better getting ready for your day and fueling your body properly. There is nothing wrong with the first, but the latter option is guaranteed to boost your spirit.

3. Fix your sleep schedule 

Though staying up all night binge-watching TikTok and waking up minutes before your first class may seem like it just makes sense, it can really be draining. With most responsibilities being done from the comfort of our homes, it may be hard to get yourself into the groove of a consistent sleep schedule. Start small and limit screen time prior to bed and upon waking up. 

4. Get some movement In

Any form of physical activity that best aligns with you is perfectly fine as long as you are incorporating some movement into your days. Now is even a great opportunity to find something new! Go on a walk, try a new workout video, or even bust out that old yoga mat in the back of your closest. 

5. Filter out your digital space 

Although social media is amazing during these times as it connects us to our loved ones, it can easily become toxic. You will be surprised by how many accounts you follow add little value to your life. Take some time to recognize how your feed makes you feel. Be proactive with the content you consume and filter out anything that does not align with the life you want to live.


Rianna is a junior at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying Advertising & Marketing Communications, Psychology and Integrative Wellness. She is a lover of all things wellness, health and lifestyle!
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