How to De-Stress and Enjoy the Sun

So you may have noticed that summer is on its way, staring us straight in the face with its blazing rays and delightful ice cream weather, and only just appearing from behind the clouds now that Easter break has finished. I know. It’s torture, right?

So, just as lectures and that rigid timetable begin again, and you find yourself sat in an ominous, dark (and not to mention windowless) lecture theatre, calm yourself! Do not fret. There are ways you can still lap up that summer weather, while still being a dedicated student and focusing on your studying! Honest, it’s not a lie.

1. Grab a Greatshake and enjoy that summer weather!

Chill out with your friends whilst sipping a Greatshake clutched coolly against your hand, and spend a day out in Falmouth town. In this weather, an ice cream milkshake of whatever flavour your heart desires sounds like an ideal match, so head on down and treat yourself. Also, with the new Lush Slush range they’re promoting, there’s no excuse not to have one and support one of our charming local businesses. You can dedicate the morning/evening to coursework or exam prep depending on what type of person you are, or you could take your work out with you and have a quick study session.

2. Get lots of sleep (and party on the weekend)

Now, this one may not technically be enjoying the sun but with lots of sleep you can be more energised and more focused on doing outdoor activities and exam prep /coursework! It’s a win/win situation. Also, if you do enjoy partying, then just cut it down to partying at the weekend – or even just on a Saturday!

3. Do a group study session

Collaborate with other people and hold a study session outside. By sharing your own work with other people, and vice versa, you’d be surprised by how much you can learn. With the sun being so generous there’s no need to sit indoors. Why not find a spot on the grass outside campus, or even walk down to the local park and bring your work with you?

4. Study at the beach!

It’s Cornwall – head to the beach! Why not go swimming or take up surfing, or if you’re more for relaxation then find a sunny spot and lie down on the sand or a towel with a book in hand. Make sure you put aside time for studying, and perhaps read the book you’ve been told to for your course. M11ake some notes for an upcoming essay, or if you’re doing photography take some amazing shots of Cornish lifestyle on the sand.

It’s possible, so go out and enjoy yourself (whilst buckling down and getting some hard-core revision in there)!