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Get that Glow Girl

These are a few minor improvements to your life that will make you feel and look a lot healthier

As summer approaches, we naturally expose our bare skin in an attempt to adjust to the heat and get a little bit sun-kissed. With pressure always rising this time of year to ‘look good’ in a bikini, it’s easy to feel a little bit stressed during this period – because, let’s be honest, if you don’t feel good, you aren’t going to be comfortable struttin’ your stuff around campus in your little shorts, or in your little bikini on the beach.

So, without physically exhausting yourself with ‘bikini-fad’ diets and exercises, here are three key things you can do which won’t drench you in sweat or lead to embarrassing stomach rumbles in lectures, in order for you to look and feel good.

1.The most important thing of all is WATER. I’ll put my hands up and openly admit that when it comes to water intake, I severely lack in consuming the ‘recommended daily amount’ – which is around 2 litres per day. BUT, I promise you – not only will you feel refreshed and energized, your skin will look better and your hair will shine, all through the magnificent powers of h2o. And, best of all, we’re lucky enough to always have a constant supply. Don’t take that for granted!

2. Secondly, walking. If you’re not really the type of person to enjoy exercise (because, let’s face it, not many people are) then simply substitute getting a bus or the taxi and take a leisurely stroll instead. With the beautiful views around Falmouth, it’s easy to enjoy perusing the shoreline. The fresh air makes you feel good, and, walking is the kind of gentle exercise that makes you feel like you’re not actually exercising!

3. Last of all, and perhaps my favourite, is sleep. Yep, you’ve read that right – ensuring you get a decent nights sleep is apparently guaranteed to make you feel refreshed and full of energy, ready for the day ahead. This is a healthier alternative to staying up till 4 am watching Gossip Girl, I mean WORKING.

Whilst these three things won’t exactly magically give you a ‘perfect’ body (whatever that is) they certainly contribute to making you feel good – which is contagious and nothing but positive. So, drink your water, go for a walk, make sure you get enough sleep and strut your stuff in your summer gear.

22 year old English with Creative writing student from Cornwall
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