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How To Get Fit With YouTube


For some of us going to the gym is just simply not an option, whether that is the pricey membership fees or the thought of hiking all the way up to the Sports Park. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t exercise! YouTube is the perfect platform for you to get started on your fitness regime and help you on your way to getting bikini ready. Whatever your size or body shape, Youtube fitness videos can help to achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle if used sensibly. Her Campus is giving you the free and easy option to working out, and what’s even better is that it’s all from the comfort of your own house. There are tons of YouTube Fitness Guru’s out there however, we’ve managed to narrow it down to our top four that you should definitely be following.


Blogilates is the home of Pilates and fitness instructor, Cassey Ho. With her motto, “Train like a beast, look like a Beauty!” she most definitely delivers. The common misconception that exercising at home gives you less of a workout is clearly silenced with Cassey’s channel. Not only does she offer numerous and varied workouts, from Pilates based exercises to Cardio, she also includes various nutritional videos to keep her exercises as rewarding as possible. Whilst some of her videos can be rather gruelling, she offers beginners series, which is perfect for those of us who are just starting up with our fitness regimes. With her friendly demeanour and optimistic outlook, Cassey’s videos are a joy to watch and follow. Cassey focuses her videos to different body parts which makes them easy to follow and also gives you the greatest pay-off in terms of seeing the results of your exercise. If you’ve ever dreamed about getting that Victoria’s Secret body then look no further! Blogilates includes a ‘Victoria’s Secret Series’ so we too can have our dream bodies. Her passion for what she does is apparent from the start and provides the perfect motivation to help you see each workout through to its end.

The Lean Machines:

Look no further ladies as Her Campus delivers to you the attractive duo of John and Leon. Relatively new to making videos their channel has been an instant success (although the fact that they do most of their videos topless definitely helps!) Their channel is so great because they are so enthusiastic about what they do and frequently provide motivational videos to keep us going. Not only do they give us fun, at-home workouts to do, they also have numerous Q&A videos for all our common misconceptions when it comes to fitness. So if you’ve been struggling with your workouts the ‘Lean Machines’ can tell you exactly where you’ve been going wrong. 


Tone It Up:

The lovely Karena and Katrina from ‘Tone It Up’ give the perfect inspiration for you to get the summer body you want. The majority of their videos take place against the beautiful backdrop of a sunny Malibu beach and are a joy to watch! They themselves have the perfect abs, giving us even more of a reason to workout and follow their videos. Their in-depth nutrition videos are extremely helpful and their website is filled with delicious and nutritious recipes to give our workouts the best results, from healthy smoothies to wholesome muffins these recipes keep us sustained when exercising and can also provide a great post workout treat.

Victoria’s Secret ‘Train Like An Angel’ Video Series:

This mini workout series definitely has to be one of the best on YouTube. The Angels themselves take to YouTube with their personal trainer, Justin Gelband, to show us exactly what they do to keep in shape. The lovely Erin Heatherton shows us how she maintains her strong core, giving her the perfect posture and abs. Whilst Candice Swanepoel takes us through her strenuous regime to get the ultimate glutes. The Angels make these workouts look insanely easy however, they definitely put you through your paces. However, these videos are great 10 minute segments that you can easily do in your room and also give you the opportunity to work yourself up to be able to do the routines more frequently and at a higher intensity.


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