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Making My Bed Makes Me Feel Like a Bad B

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Growing up, making my bed was the last thing I wanted to do in the morning. Especially because I hated waking up early and I barely had enough time to get myself out the door for school, let alone think about making my bed. I have always been a staunch believer in “Why make your bed if you are just going back into it again?” This concept followed me through my high school years into my freshman and sophomore years of college. But everything changed this year.

I am not exactly sure why, but I decided to make my bed every morning this past semester and I have felt a change in my morning moods. It could be the fact that my roommate makes her bed everyday making me feel like I should, or the fact that we are literally on the first floor with windows right into our room. Regardless of the cause, I am finally making my bed! Boy will my mom be proud :)

When I say I feel like a changed woman because of making me bed, I might be slightly over-exaggerating, but oh well :) If you were like me and you still struggle to make your bed, here are some positives I have found by completing such a minute task each day:

  • With a clean and organized bed, I am prepared to start my day with a fresh and clear mind
  • It gives me something to check off my daily to-do list, giving me the momentum I need to get through my other tasks
  • Coming back into my room, I can focus more on doing homework because my bed is not a mess
  • I feel more prepared to have guests in the room knowing that I do not look like a complete slob lol
  • I feel more put together and I think that translates into how I go about the rest of my day
  • It gives me ~main character~ vibes and makes me feel like I am grown-up
  • AND when I get back into bed at night, my bed isn’t cold anymore! (It used to be when I didn’t make it!)
Stella Psiakis

Endicott '23

I am an Interior Architecture major Business Administration minor at Endicott who loves spending time with my friends, going to the beach, hanging out with my dogs, and making Pinterest boards! I am a gluten-free foodie who loves to travel and hopes to see the whole world one day!
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