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Hate Exercise? Here’s 6 Ways to Make It Fun

This school year, the gym has become my happy place. I absolutely love exercising because it reduces my stress levels, boosts my confidence, and makes me feel accomplished. However, I recognize that not everyone has the motivation to regularly work out. In fact, one of the top excuses for not exercising is that it is “too boring.” As a result, I was inspired to create a list of six ways to make working out more enjoyable. I hope that one or more of these strategies resonates with you and thereby makes exercise fun, rather than a chore.

1. Enjoy Some FORM of Entertainment

Music is not the only form of entertainment to consume while working out. If you are using a treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike, pass the time by watching a TV show or playing a game on your phone. If you are looking for a form of entertainment that is solely auditory, try listening to a podcast or an audiobook.

2. Wear Cute Athletic Gear

Activewear does make a difference when it comes to fitness achievement and motivation. Therefore, buy clothing that makes you feel good about yourself in your own beautiful body! You can also increase your comfort by wearing gear that is sweat resistant and made for movement.

3. Switch Up the Environment

Your attitude and exercise experience can be influenced by the environment you are in. Add thrill to your workouts by changing the environment that you are in. For example, try exercising outside, in your room, or in different areas of the gym. Furthermore, take into account whether you are more efficient while alone or with other people around.

4. Follow Youtube videos

On YouTube, there is a wide range exercise videos to choose from. Search for a workout based on activity, skill level, or targeted area of the body. On YouTube, you can also find more untraditional forms of exercise, such as dance workouts and yoga tutorials. My favorite fitness Youtuber is MadFit, so check her out if you need a place to start.

5. Find the perfect playlist

The right music is crucial for a good workout mindset. If you do not want to make your own playlist of upbeat songs to get you moving, look for a premade playlist on Spotify. Searches like “workout music for hot girls” or “gym music” will lead you in the direction of songs that will boost your energy.

6. Take Advantage of Your Strenghts

We all enjoy doing things that we are good at, so always allot some time to perform a form of exercise that you enjoy. For example, if it is an “arm day” but you enjoy cardio the most, simply plan some time to add in some cardio before you hit the weights. Essentially, you do not always need to stick to a strict workout schedule. In fact, some form of exercise is always better than no form of exercise. In addition, do not do the same routine every time; get creative and trying mixing things up!

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