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The Stress of Summer Plans

Are you panicking that you don’t know what you are doing this summer or, better yet, what city you're going to be living in? With March around the corner, it's easy to feel pressure about your summer plans. If you're still unclear about your plans, your parents are probably pestering you about what you are doing and making you anxious about your future. While you may be starting to feel a time crunch, there are definitely a few ways to help get your planning underway.


1. Career Websites

There are a variety of career and job search sites that exist to help you find potential internship opportunities. Sites like indeed.com, monsters.com and internships.com are all potential outlets to utilize in your job search. Additionally, the Emory Career Center website, Handshake, is a great resource for job postings. These sites often link you to the company webpages or have contact information for recruiters that you can reach out to. While often times these sites can make it feel like you are throwing your resume into a big black box, don’t be discouraged to apply!

2. Networking        

It may seem hard to believe, but talking to people about their experiences and previous roles can actually give you an advantage in the job search. Getting your name out there is important and can help put your resume in the “yes” pile.  Networking can be as simple as connecting with someone on Linkedln to calling a friend or relative and asking them a few questions. Remember, it is all about making a good impression, so ultimately speaking with other people can help you succeed!

3. Summer Study Abroad

If you're questioning if the summer internship route is for you this year, you should consider a summer study abroad program! Many students take this opportunity to get ahead on a few credits, travel around and have a lot of fun all at the same time! Often times summer study abroad programs can even include an internship opportunity. This could be a great option if you want to get a taste of the job market, but maybe in a less intense setting. Emory offers a variety of summer study programs all across the globe. Additionally, it is often possible to ask permission to go on another university’s study abroad program.

4. Summer Classes

If you are feeling like you want to get ahead on your credits, but are not daring enough to study in another country, you should consider taking classes at Emory or at a university by your hometown. Emory allows first year students to do transient study, which means taking courses at a different institution. As someone who is not a science person, I took a five-week Biology course the summer after my freshman year. In less than two months, I was able to easily get my lab science requirement out of the way. Moreover, if you are willing to stay in Atlanta, or interested in staying at Emory, you can take summer courses here! Just be sure to look into the course atlas and sign up in advance (and be prepared for a hotlanta summer)!

5.“Regular” Jobs

It is also totally acceptable to have a regular summer job! As much as the internship process is emphasized at Emory, many students feel they get valuable experience from a traditional job like a summer camp or working in a local store or restaurant. It is important to remember that any experience is in fact good experience.

With all this noted, it is essential to keep in mind your summer plans have to be the right fit for you. Despite what your mom or professor might think, you need to make your own decision.  Eventually, it will all sort itself out and you will enjoy your summer, no matter what you end up doing!

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