Reasons to Take Your Run Outdoors

As someone who likes to incorporate running into her daily routine, the gym often is my go-to. After all, it’s convenient – everything is right there, and there is never a need to worry about the weather.

Now that it’s gotten warmer out, I’ve started to mix it up and take my exercising outside. And while treadmill running does have the convenience factor going for it, in terms of overall enjoyment, exercising outside definitely wins.

First, it’s just much more interesting to run outside. The idea of running is a lot more exciting when you know you won’t be staring at the same inside of the gym for thirty minutes a day. You can mix up your route to take in different scenery, and explore new places.

Even if you’re running the same route, there is so much else to focus on that it makes running much less monotonous. Be it looking at people, dogs, or nature, it’s much easier to distract yourself and actually enjoy running.  If it’s a nice day, the feeling of the sun on your back is a great motivator to keep going.

Finally, I feel more accomplished when I run outside. Be it because it’s more challenging, or I’ve actually traveled a real distance, at the end of a run outside I feel much better mentally than at the end of a treadmill run. 


So, if you feel like a slave to the treadmill, mix it up and take your run outside.