Midterm SZN, As Told By The Kardashians

Let’s be real, nobody is more in tune with their feels than the Kardashian clan.

With #midtermszn in full swing, here is a little something to lighten your mood! And, come on, what’s a better study break than making fun of the Kardashians in the most relatable way ever? So, take a deep breath, sit up, and smile—at least your stress isn’t broadcasted on television!

When you’ve been in the stacks all day and haven’t ventured outside for food in hours…

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We’ve all been there—you have locked yourself in the library or a study room and refuse to leave until you finish all of your studying. Little did you know that would mean not eating or seeing daylight for days leading up to your test. Never fear! You are not alone! Crying Kim feels the same way.

When it’s the day before your midterm and you realize you know absolutely nothing…

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Whatever you do, DO NOT PANIC. In the end, Kim found her diamond earring. There is still hope for you to make a miraculous comeback in your studying. Stay strong!

When you get to the test and none of the material that you studied is on it…

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It’s happened to us all from time to time—you study nonstop for days in advance, have never felt more prepared in your life, and then are handed the test where they ask about pineapples when the unit was Econ. Let’s be real though, if this is happening to you, it is probably happening to someone else as well.

When you walk out of your last test and feel a weight lifted off your shoulders…

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Until the results come out, how you did on the test is now IRRELEVANT. Pop the champagne because you are officially D-O-N-E, done!

When you are finally done with all of your midterms and can start being a human again.

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A blanket apology to all of your friends for being so MIA is not necessary, but probably a good idea. And, let’s face it… when they ask where you’ve been for the past week and you reply the library, they are bound to forgive, at least out of pity.

When you check your grade and you did not do as well as you hoped…

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So… the average may have been a 90, and you may have gotten a 75. But hey, at least you made it through midterm season alive! Moral of the story is, you now have all of Fall Break to sulk over your poor performance and re-evaluate your life! The only thing that makes this situation better is that you are now surrounded by family who love to ask how school is going! Fantastic!

Just remember: if Kim can go from Jafar to where she is now, you can salvage your grade!

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Seriously though, if Kim can make a comeback from looking like Jafar in Aladdin to marrying Kanye West, you can make a comeback from midterm season! Let’s face it, every week at Emory is midterm week for someone, so sooner than later you will be back on the #grind and this time you will CRUSH it!!