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Formal Season Freak Out

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.

With formal season coming up, Emory girls everywhere are in a state of perpetual panic. The weight that we put on this winter and have been cleverly hiding under layers of clothing will suddenly be visible to an entire fraternity of boys when we put on our bikinis. I’m a perfect example of this phenomenon. I know that I’m not alone and there are many girls with me who are freaking out and can’t decide whether they are more excited for formals to have a great time or scared to be in a bikini. I think a potentially amazing time could be ruined if you’re preoccupied stressing about your weight. You will be too blinded by your insecurities to enjoy what’s right in front of you. In order to combat this phenomenon, here are quick formal season dieting tricks that can help both the entire Emory population and myself prepare for this amazing weekend:


Personally, my favorite workout is cycling. As a dedicated SoulCycler at home (a NY/CA based indoor cycling workout, for those who don’t know), I found that Buckhead‘s FlyWheel workout is extremely similar to Soul’s in their routines. Through my experience with SoulCycle during my senior year prom season, I lost 20 pounds. The reason I was able to lose so much weight is because indoor cycling, in the way SC and FlyWheel run it, is not as much a chore as you would expect your normal workout to be. With the high-energy, remixed hit music, it almost feels like you’re at a party dancing your heart away. If you look at it that way, working out will become fun and losing weight will become natural and effortless. Barre classes are another great option–stay posted for Her Campus Emory’s review of newly opened Pink Barre in Emory Point coming out later this week!

Kale Me Crazy

Kale Me Crazy is an upscale juice bar that makes great juice cleanses and smoothies that are specifically designed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and help you lose weight! Also, for all my vegan and vegetarian friends, this place can get your seal of approval! Located in Inman Park, this organic juice bar also serves salads, acai bowls, and even organic shots. It serves as the perfect post-workout lunch treat!

Ritual Sunday Morning Lullwater Runs and/or Walks with Friends

As I’m learning right now in philosophy, habits are tough to break, but they are socially constructed and we have the ability within ourselves to form them or break them. Personally, my bad habit and late-night post party is Domino’s. It has almost become inevitable for me that a night out leads to that cheap cheese pizza pie. A great way to kill a habit is to replace it with another. My suggestion is to replace late-night Dominos, or any late-night snacking, with Sunday morning walks or runs with your friends. We all brunch every Sunday to morning to catch up on our weekends anyway, so why not add on a workout? It gives us more time to talk, a way to work off all the bagels and pancakes you just consumed, and it could even help kill a bad habit, like it does for me!


These are just a few of the many things you can do to get fit in the next couple of weeks, assuring you will have a stress-free formal season. Just remember, looks aren’t everything and it’s more important to live in the moment and have fun so you can come away from this year with lasting memories! 

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