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5 Pick-Me-Ups to Get You Through Midterms

November has finally creeped up on us, meaning that demanding midterm exams, impending research papers and notoriously frustrating group projects characterize just about all of our lives at this point in the semester. It’s hard to get through a meal with our friends without complaining about the excessive amount of work we have or the lack of sleep we’ve been getting. Better yet, it’s practically impossible to walk through just about any section of the library and avoid hearing someone saying something along the same lines. In the midst of all of this, it’s important to remember to maintain a bit of sanity and give ourselves our well-deserved daily dose of happiness. Even if it’s just a couple of minutes out of the day, try using one (or more!) of these suggestions of ways to get that “pick-me-up” during a stressful time. 

1. Embrace Your Athletic Side 

It may have the word “work” in it, but working out is a great stress reliever. Whether it’s a quick trip to the WoodPEC to take a run on the treadmill or an outing with a friend to walk through Lullwater, working out is the perfect way to clear your head and give your mind a break from the clutter of psychology terms or accounting formulas.

2. Treat Yourself  

At least in the world that I live in, chocolate solves all problems. That being said, be sure to make time to give yourself a well-earned treat as a study break. The DUC dessert table has undoubtedly upped its game this year, but if you’re really looking to treat yourself, take the walk to Yogli or even the Uber to Yogurt Tap. It may take a little extra time out of your work, but honestly, time at Yogurt Tap is time well spent — there’s really no arguing on that one. 

3. Perfect Your Playlist

Thanks to the music gods at Spotify and Pandora, we don’t have to ever worry about dull, repetitive playlists. When you’re looking to give yourself a break and get a little bit of your soul back, put on a new Pandora radio and give yourself the dance party you deserve. Some of my personal Pandora favorites when I’m looking for some motivation include the Today’s Dance Hits and Rather Be radios. Once you’ve figured out which songs you love, put together a Spotify playlist that can be your go-to when you’re looking to jam out.

4. Spa Treatment


I know what you’re thinking: who has time for a spa day in the midst of all this work? As much as we’d all love to have a full-blown spa day, consider heading over to Jazmin Spa at Emory Point or Top Nails in the Toco Hills shopping center for a manicure. It’ll take under an hour, and having polished nails will make re-writing your notes that much more pleasant. If you’re really short on time, do nails with friends in your dorm — it’s a great way to have a much-needed catch up session while still giving yourself a beauty treatment. 

5. Netflix and Chill: Literally

We all know that Netflix and chill is all the rage these days, but I’m proposing here that you actually give yourself some “you time” by just watching an episode or two of your favorite show, whether as a mid-day break from work or a treat at the end of the day. There’s nothing better than giving yourself a good laugh – or even a cry – as a break from reality. Put on your favorite Friends episode or catch up with the Kardashian scene — I know it may not be a break from reality, but at least it’s a break from your reality. 


It’s hard to convince ourselves to actually take the breaks we need, but in the long run it helps us to be so much more productive. In reality, we all know that we’re spending just as much time on Facebook and Instagram procrastinating doing work as we would spend taking an actual break. Seriously, it’s time to close out your Her Campus tab and start working your way through these suggestions.

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