3 Best Workouts Near Emory

I’m a little bit of a workout addict. I workout every day, and if I don’t I have anxiety for the rest of the day. Workouts help me clear my mind. But we’ve all been there: you dedicate the time to work out and the vibes aren’t right and your workout sucks. It’s the most frustrating thing. If you’re going to spend an hour of your day doing this, it better be a hard workout. Sometimes, I just don’t have the self-discipline to make myself turn the speed on the treadmill up another notch. I’ve found I tend to work much harder with other people around me motivating me. I’m a big proponent of workout classes, so here are my favorites to do that are near campus. 

3 Best Workouts Near Emory:

1. Soulcycle

Okay, so full disclosure I’m from a big city (Chicago) so this is the OG for me. The big kahuna. The workout of all workouts. I have spent an absurd amount of money at Soulcycle. I truly believe they pump some kind of drug in the air to get you addicted. People will claim that flywheel or any generic cycling class is the exact same thing for cheaper but the reality is--it’s not. When I started, I was hugely intimidated by all the models in their sports bras and booty shorts, but I quickly realized that no one is looking at you in class. It’s like a group spiritual experience (a cult?) in the studio. Everyone is on the same team, a vibe which they achieve by having everyone ride to the same rhythm on the same foot. Now I’m a front-row regular. Themed rides are even more fun than regular ones. A new studio just opened up at Ponce City Market so they hired a bunch of new instructors who are amazing. I highly recommend Brit (though beware she plays mostly rap.) The one caveat is the outrageous price tag; you have to be willing to dedicate a significant portion of your paycheck to a 45-minute workout class. Also, every class is kind of similar in structure and it does get old after a while if you do it a lot.

2. Solidcore

I’ll begin this by saying that Solidcore is Michelle Obama’s go-to workout. Michelle Obama is a beast. This is easily the hardest workout on this list. The whole goal is to work your slow-twitch muscles to failure so they regrow stronger, which you do by keeping your muscles in constant tension. It’s not cardio, but I am always dripping sweat by the end. The class is insanely intense but goes by really quickly. It takes place on what I would call a glorified pilates reformer, which might sound easy, but I can only do Solidcore three times a week maximum because I’m ridiculously sore for a minimum of 48 hours after. I am shaking literally the entire class. I started noticing results in my ab muscle tone after only four classes. I highly recommend if you ever want a break from your cardio (which you should take). The studio is about 10 minutes away from campus in Decatur, and class prices for off peak times (which usually fit in well with a college schedule) aren’t terrible at $18 a pop. 

3. Orangetheory

I used to be on the track team so I was a good runner, but I got totally out-of-habit when I quit. Like, I couldn’t run a mile without a break out-of-habit. Orangetheory is what helped me get back into running again. It’s great for anyone who wants to take it at their own pace and have an individualized workout. The class is split up into three sections: treadmill, rowing, and weight floor. The running is hard and you’re usually switching up your speed and incline depending on whether you're in a base pace, push, or an all-out section. They also give you the option of going on their bike or strider instead of the treadmill.  My arms and back have gotten much stronger from the rowing, and it’s good to get some cardio that isn’t on the treadmill so I’m not destroying my knees. Their weakest spot is the weight floor, but it’s nice to fit in some weight training with a primarily cardio workout. I’d say this workout is the one where I leave feeling most like my entire body has just exercised, and I’m often sore in one place or another. They also change it up every day so it never gets old because there is always a new series of exercises. It’s super convenient being at Emory Point, but that does mean you’re going to run into literally everyone you have ever known and also all of their friends when you’re sweaty. 

All this being said....a run in Lullwater is often much prettier and free. ​