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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emmanuel chapter.

Feeling down lately? Here are some recommendations for getting back on track and feeling well again! 

Call a friend 

Speaking with a good friend that has your back is always a great idea to get you going again. When you speak with this friend whom you trust, give them the lowdown of why you are feeling the way you are. Assuming this is a trusted friend, they can give you advice on the struggles that may be causing you to feel down. A friend is there to support you, but should also be there to give you guidance and feedback. 


Cleaning is sometimes seen as “dirty work” and anything but relaxing. But have you ever tried organizing the kitchen, living room or dining area in categories? This type of reorganization can help with feeling accomplished and task-oriented. It can distract you from feeling down, leaving you feeling able and happy again. 


This is a great exercise when feeling down and stressed. By focusing on a piece of art, you are allowing your mind to be at ease and connect with your emotions more clearly. Not only does this allow you to move forward but the concentration you put forth in whatever art you made is a great mindfulness exercise. By focusing your attention on something calming, you can get rid of and minimize racing or obsessive thoughts. 

Have a nice cup of hot tea 

As boring as this sounds, it should work for anyone who tries it! By having a hot cup of tea, you can also be focusing on the present moment. Focus on the cup of hot water trickling down your body and then focus on the muscles that are tense. Try breathing exercises (in for four and out for four) as you drink your favorite type of hot tea. 


Surprisingly, workouts can make you feel more energized than ever. This can help with you or a friend you know who is feeling down. Because exercising reduces levels of stress, it leaves people feeling in a better mood as the production of endorphins increases!

Listen to a podcast 

This is a good distraction from feeling low and upset. If you want a good distraction, listening to crime, romance or comedy podcasts always lifts the mood depending on what genre you like! 

Feeling down and blue is so common, but it’s what you do about your negative energy that is what matters! Try one of these and I am sure you will be uplifted!

Hannah Le

Emmanuel '24

Hannah Le is a Writing, Editing and Publishing major at Emmanuel College in Boston.