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An Open Letter to Stressed Students

Dear Emmanuel students,

It’s that time of year again, where we all sit and silently cry over that thing called midterms. It seems strange that such a small word can cause so much stress and anxiety for so many people at the same time. Whatever your major is, you probably have six grade droppers this week and a thousand responsibilities on top of that. So, first things first, take a breath and relax for a little bit.  

I know you have been stressing about memorizing every term and putting every important point into your paper, so good for you! You are still trying to do good! You haven’t given up yet and decided to “wing it” just because spring break is next week.  Just by trying, you’re doing a whole amount better than if you weren’t at all.  

To get through midterms and the rest of this week, in the middle of studying, try and find some time for yourself every once in a while. I know I go insane if I don’t have time just to sit down and watch an episode of Netflix or this week’s episode of The Bachelor. Also, it helps to stay organized by writing a study to do list and making an outline for that paper you need to start.

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Midterms are the worst, but don’t let the fear of what may happen affect how you do. If it’s any consolation,you’re not alone in stressing over midterms:  You are surrounded by people who feel the same way as you.  That is something that always makes me feel a tiny bit better because it’s nice to know you aren’t alone in something.  

Everyone knows that midterms are scary and just plain awful,  but the important fact is that they are midterms. This is halfway through the semester, and no matter what happens, you have half a semester to come back from this. This is definitely not the end of the world, so don’t let these grades tear you away from your goals here.  And hey, you never know, you could be worrying about this for no reason and get an amazing grade! All I know is, do not stress about the grade once you finish the exam or pass in the paper because you can’t let it ruin the rest of your time.

And remember, by Friday you are on spring break! Whether you are laying on a beach or laying on a couch eating Goldfish, spring break is all about relaxing and enjoying yourself. It’s the most blissful time of the entire semester and you have 9 days of it!  So cherish every moment of sleep and the time with friends and family!

Keep your head up these last few days and you will do great!  Stay positive,just try your best, and that’s all you can do! No matter what happens, remember that you are not your grades.  


Another stressed student

Hannah Lynam

Emmanuel '19

Hannah Lynam is currently an undergraduate at Emmanuel College with a major in Biology: Health Sciences. This is her third year as part of Her Campus and she is more than excited to eat more Georgetown Cupcakes, go to fashion shows, and spend time with her chapter! She has a deep obsession with seals, sweets, and all things L.L. Bean!
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