Tips to Help Get on the Health Train

Summer is quickly approaching and that means more and more people are wanting to hit the gym and steer away from that cozy, winter “diet” we all know and love. Now, how to actually start, you may ask? I know that going cold turkey isn’t exactly the right way to do this health thing, so I’m going to help break it down.

Becoming completely healthy is not exactly the easiest thing to do. Not being able to eat the warm, fatty foods and yummy sweets sounds heartbreaking, but I’m not saying you have to cut everything out right away. Although some people say to cut it all out completely, others, like myself, say to cut things out little by little. If you try going cold turkey, you’re only setting yourself up for failure, unless you’re a super strong person, then I give props to you. If you’re struggling in the beginning, like myself, start by cutting out sodas or sugary juices, then limit out some desserts for healthier options, and take it one day at a time until you fully start getting to the point of cutting the majority of bad things out of your system.

Going to the gym may be a little scary at first. I used to only watch YouTube videos and workout at home before coming to college because I never wanted to spend the extra money on a gym membership. Since my college’s gym is included with tuition, the first time I went to the gym, I made sure to have a friend with me that knew what they were doing so they could properly teach me. After getting over that hump, I’ve been scheduling gym time into my schedule and doing my own thing.

Getting into the habit of going to the gym can be hard. We all have busy lives and sometimes we get too tired to squeeze in gym time or there's literally no time to go because of work, school, club activities, and homework. Trying to go at least once a week will be a kick start. I’ve noticed that once I started making time to go to the gym more often, I didn’t feel as tired anymore. This allowed me to go to the gym every day to every other day, and not only have I been feeling more energized, I’ve been happier and more focused at work and in school.

So yes, it might be hard to get on this health kick, but I believe that you can do it! Always tell yourself that you can do it, that you will do it, and that you’re a strong individual that can accomplish anything that you put your mind to!